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Posted by  Per Corell on November 23, 2002 at 01:13:25:

In Reply to:  Re: Calatrava......humane architecture? posted by ash on November 22, 2002 at 07:39:50:

Please tell me if I am totaly off track , but there are a few points I will like to comment.
I think that reinventing the wheel acturly are a very positive angle about solving a problem, I think the creative process work by automatics and this is just an ability you can grow but somwhere you need an idear to do it. I can't be about promoting yourself as this is not what it's about. The process must be "on track" , some way of thinking you done before and a way to find solutions, that allready been placed as blueprint within your minds.
Why is it ,that most great innovations is so simple that anyone when recornising the idear, will say "how simple isn't this, why didn't anyone do so before". I think that the thing itself is secondary and the patterns a creative person follow , finding new solutions take up much more time, than acturly "thinking" an ansver.
I think that the debate about WTC rebuild, are one that could show this to be true in many aspects. In this group the discussions left any cisionary thinking person, with a narrower set of options, and slowly working around the true challance , you will one day se somone draw the conclution and point in one direction only ; this is how I think the innovative person work , ----- but there are for an innovative charecter no difference between a new smart toaster or a revolusionary building technike ; the innovative person have these idears falling ontop his or her head , without even "asking" for fancy new way's to bend steel tube.
But there are words behind, you can acturly with a lot of this better describe it in words and doing so, you can even make sure that the sketch mirror the lyrics.
Beauty btw. is from my point of view also a part of what you shuld place with innovation. Anyway as designer your need for things that reflect more than just boring are higher than for average people, but this shuld be no wonder, as you force your minds to deal with what you think shuld be better and if that is needed, -- different.
No this will only be a subjective reflection, and I will only maneage to describe what I think an innovative process is, a creative process help the innovative split second ,as not only do we emagine most of our world we somhow also need rutines to even trust our mind to find new perspectives, ------ but I am quite sure innovation are a feeling, innovation also from what I think work by vision and beside when you just _know_ you find the solution to any problem ,it come without you even thinking about it.
That's why planning work so good, as now there are no exchouse not knowing the basics, and this is why respect will allow you to research the tools, se what they acturly do as why not use the time seriously by knowing that the more you understand the more positive experiences you gathered. Then one day when you know all the tools know how things are acturly produced, and why this is a bore, the vision about how this is done much more nice suddenly drop on your head ; but only if you prepared this ti be your way to work.
------ Then that day you are just another arogant square, then what's the fun ;))
You shuld all be playing , if you can't resist the safe Lego logic, then combine it with a fancy 3D-H , making sense in this application.
Now sorry I have to stop, I realy liked this to expand into a novel, guess creative people allway's find one way or another, out of a bad economy ;))

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