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Posted by  Per Corell on November 24, 2002 at 01:53:58:

In Reply to:  Re: Architects live in a world of illusion...dreams...and disillusion posted by Peter on November 23, 2002 at 09:00:20:

Please se my statement more as a princip and a way to explain how different this can work with other construction idears.
And please also se that it need a bit more explernation ;
There are a simple way to alot two 90 deg. members together and over eachother, and one of the main princips , acturly one of the chareteristics about the 3D-H I progress , --- are that there are two sets of sections with 90 deg. between , that in the simplest application assemble as you se with the graphic.
This do not mean this is the only way to make the assembly for each section, and please se, how this is one of the side effects I point to. As even a simple assembly slot obviously will veaken the members, the fact is, that it don't veaken as much as you would think, ------- there are many resons for this, and an engineer will know a few of these, but let's say that an assembly slot will veaken down to 75 pct strength, then as soon as the sides of the assembly slot are secured by either welding ,or if the sides of the slots are given a lock profile much of this problem are solved. Beside there are way's to compleatly avoid the veakening of a simple assembly slot.
------- I use a speaker box to show just one of these way's , but even this is a very simple lock system where I simply made each frame as two paralell sheets forming one frame , it is best described, by that when the last halve "frame" are put in, it lock all the rest.
But when I refere not using the amounts of bolts, what I point to, is that you with 3D-H "move" the veak points. Acturly it is difficult in theori for a 3D-H building to pancake, as the building system are very different and the 3D-H don't carry these veak points that made most buildings pancake , that did so.
Now this don't mean that there will be no other problems, but just about assembly slots I know allready the possibility of several way's to even avoid them compleatly or even making use of them to make the building earthquake resistant, this is why I talk about positive side effects.
So please se the graphic as just the simplest way, ----- 3D-H are about much more than this, and I guess it is just one of the first new technologies and it can easily be refined. Still you need to refine it different with a huge building volume framework, than with a plane fuselage.

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