Message - Quintessential of Architectural passion---> how did it all start for u?

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Posted by  Mambo Jumbo on November 24, 2002 at 08:31:08:

Hi all,

Just read some poetry and wondered how we as architects or people in this field came about nurturing this undying passion in our hearts and minds? Which significant events in ur lives spurred u onto getting onto this profession, or should I say, a lifetime of being a master craftsman? Its just amazing how each of our unique experiences and story can intertwine into a collaborative, thus , we can infer or sieve out some form of relationship or matrix that bind our hearts together in this chaotic world.

The richness of life invents and reinvents our perceptions of architecture and the world around us. How we view people, spaces, experiences, nature, emotions, nuances, subtleties and intricacies help to enrich our senses to feel and create a sense of place in every space.
Each moment, we record in our memories, memos, diaries, sketch books, napkins....all vivid and collectively expressing time passing by, expressing one's maturity in thought and approach not just to architecture, but people architecture. We observe people, we learn from people, we see and we feel people's lives being intertwined with ours. SUch a astounding relationship is something that not many professions can offer...we practices an art that our forefathers, perhaps the cavement came about with the idea of creating shelter....mabbe in their fire-making session in caves, hunting or farming days...that people realise the need for intimacy of the hearth. Frank Lloyd Wright is a great fan of the hearth and family idea. The coming together of the family is something that society is rooted in and many long for.

Architecture is something more than words, not just passion, but an inherent cry in our hearts for creating a better world, a better tomorrow. Humanity is at wars nowadays, architecture becomes subservient to the politics and economics....but when will we realise the craft , the thoughts, the poetics and the passion behind each building that is being bombed, being devastated at midst all the planning and designing?

well, hope these are not bullshit...just wanted to express my passion for something so dear to all of our hearts..something that made us take that 1st step into the world that never sleeps....the world that is ever changing and transforming. We give to architecture and architecture gives it back to us. Beauty isn't it?


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