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Posted by  ash on December 03, 2002 at 00:17:21:


when u'r doing u'r academic work, u are somewhere on the ninth cloud...the only worries that keep u company's the form going to look?..will the circulation work out?

then u go for u'r practical training...and these things suddenly take a backseat....hell u wonder whether thee things are even important.,..
pleasing clients (or convincing them) seems to overtake u'r life...
for my boss..his favourite cllients were those hu allowed him THE ABSOLUTE CREATIVE CONTROL..
they come up with statements like ...MR J....we just want a place to eat...the rest we leave to u...
and then u come across people hu come for the first meeting with a stackful of lifestyle and design magazines.....and architecture is reduced to mere collage work.or if u'r into cookoing....then something like a tossed salad: u take a pinch of this...a handful of that and oh yeah dont foprget to add a couple of columns(if u ask an indian interior designer he'd actually question the necessity of even the last ingredient)....
and to think that u go thru five rigourous years to come to this eventuality....
and yet u cant escape from the reality that u are designing for SOMEONE ELSE'S land, that SOMEONE ELSE is paying the money to build the house, that SOMEONE ELSE IS FINALLY GOING TO OCCUPY IT....
of course we have learnt that an architect has some professional ethics and that he is going to work for the best of the u might well say that how does the question arise 'someone else's building'..the architect and building are 'one' till its completion.
and due to the same the architect is going to wok with his best interests at heart...wy does the client need to 'keep an eye on' the work?
but we live in an imperfect world...where all architects, dare i say that,CANNOT BE given absolute creative control..or else the building wud probably overshoot the budgetary and time constraints...and yet if we let the clients overrule we'd probably still be designing the same structures over and over again
there is a constant tussle between the architect and the client.

have u guys ever faced that and what are u'r views on the same?
for now

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