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Posted by  Per Corell on December 06, 2002 at 02:47:18:

In Reply to:  pretty shape posted by randy on December 05, 2002 at 16:13:14:

You are quite right that this bridge is at sketch level. I am used to designing small boats and quite a lot of concept of these been used here. My main focus been to be sure the hull can be water filled / emtied and still provide safe floatation but with icey waters you need to make sure that a hull woll pop up ,instead of being crushed by the ice , also this show at the freeboards ,while frost ,wind and ice must be prepared to be the condisions, even the ideal vision about this is sunny day's .
The debri are as you state a major problem about rivers and must be taken care for ; when I had my own houseboat, you placed an old wooden boom fixed at the sterns pointing to the key , working as a valve so the booms in one end would "close" when the tide forced one end to the key and the other was fixed at the stern, ----- while in the other end of the ship, the "valve" would open , leaving out any debrie thet would have gathered ; this work but as you point to, a cross stream barrier need to offer acturel holes for debrie to pass, ------- if this was the idear, and you wouldn't make a cleanup .
I se your point about the quality loss for the drivers , on the other hand you can se this as a safety factor ,but with this project it's been a ballance about offering the sidewalks and a road deck , where it would be obvious to place a resturant ------- Still how much steel and how much more expensive will these extra features make a project ,that is ment to offer the solution to the trafic problems that make it difficult to reash an Opera bulding and an arear of the town , where these facilities will naturaly grow.
I fancy the suggestion to make the bridge be "up-stream ; in Copenhagen we don't have a river, but a harbour that seperate two islands making the harbour look like a river and the tide are very slow compared with a river town, also the tide , --- my greatest worry, ---- only reach round max. 6 feet once or twice a year, where the remaining 80 pct of the time, it will be within 2-3 feet up/down.
This is my horison ,but placing more bargebridges up and downstream could prove to be the exact right solution; you se we only have 3 bridges supporting the island where for one, the airport are placed and the old town with it's oldfasion bridges that span an emty harbour ,act as a plug for the trafic. As now the harbour are near emty , it provide _huge_ arears in the middle of the town ,and it will be obvious to expand a network of floating bridges bringing trafic along the direction of the harbour ,instead of allway's crossing the harbour, ---- this will easyli bring you anywhere near any place in this town.
It is true My mind was much into boats with this project, and with ships and boats the safety issue are build into the structure ; the driver could cause an accident so I ledt the view to the sidewalks. With a ship you design for the worse condisions and making a aquare bottom shape will not bring the heavy stabilising effect as curved sides reaching as far possible , where a ton displacement will provide what you , with another shape would need 4 ton displacement, beside the curved bottom are _not_ ideal shaped , still with smaller boats I tested these curves and they simply make a hull stable as a rock ,please check this design where stability are the main ability to bring a real fast vessel ;

Or with this small hull, that even only 5 meter long, you can place 3 adults in one side, without the boat being dangerously loaded ;

Both designs share the stability curve I maneaged to produce, by a re design of a very simple tradisional pram design ;

Still to make this an attractive solution, it's a question about cost of each meter bridge deck and what compromised are needed ,beside how this are calculated and the wider perspectives ; in Copenhagen the investments go to a new satelite town and investing in the same services thought to be there, are banned to be within this huge emty harbour, that visionary architects been pointing to since the late 40' to be the true expantion ground for this city.

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