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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on December 12, 2002 at 09:42:38:

In Reply to:  Re: Paxman = Architect posted by Richard Haut on December 10, 2002 at 12:03:32:

Certainly I agree with you in mass media being subservient to the interests of the powerful, and continuously trying (and in fact attaining) to divert our attention not only of our own problems and surroundings, but of the structural paradigm and social structures that in reality conform most of the problems we have, and of those who are benefiting from this diminished awareness earned by general brainwashing.

In fact this problem affects very much to the practice of architecture. Architecture in some bad sense was always an amplifier of the surmised but not always real excellences of the powers that be. This continue being the case. To get access to the big resources required for important works, the detentors of the powers in the standing paradigme seek first than anything an absolute silence and lack of critics about the set of values the commissioners represent.

This, of course, leaves out many times many architects that of course do not commune with structures that to their intellect are simply overdue, or simply not servile enough, or too vocal about.

What we have in Earth is a case in which some privileged members of the species hold hostage to the rest. A social paradigm devised eons ago has furnished them with continued means of social control, solidified in extant laws and ways that allow them the continuation of their tenure.

Of course a device of indoctrination and of nullification and minimization of awareness is also required ... and an image of social mobility is projected that really is not in place.

It is amazing when reading some items in history see things that specific governments can make that causes the effective rights and liberties of people go backwards to prehistorical times. Lots and lots of jobs in advanced countries, specifically those given to recent inmigrants are less (in relative terms) of what some slavery regimes to slaves gave.

Then, others decide what of social value written in the Constitutions of the past and earned to the cost of the blood of the own ancestors of the country are but wet paper which they can mock and retort.

Others, think the life they have is of more value than of other humans and consider other humans even less than their pets, subjecting then to unwarranted bombings, protracted detentions without basical rights. They think that they can declare war or enter one (I don't have to look farther than my own country) carelessly, and without proper agreement with the people in the country, decreting war as in roman pre republican times according to the secret of the law, this exactly meaning, they explained, that the art of justice was something only affordable to the superior them, really meaning to their whim, and for egotistical reasons.

And lots of people in the governments of the present think anyone saying any of such basic truths is better silenced, what they call "neutralized", or look as if mad.

The true madness is that by now humans have entire conscience of their beingness as individuals entitled to equal rights, and we suffer an structure that is not conducive the sooner the better to higher levels ofactual equality conducive to higher happiness. And madness is that the present resources are committed not to produce such bigger equality and self realization to the maximum extent of humans, but to subject them to the obsolete structure.

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