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Posted by  Per Corell on December 13, 2002 at 03:31:18:

In Reply to:  Fractal Geometry and Chaos Theory in Architecture posted by Ehsan on December 13, 2002 at 02:31:27:

During the last 15 - 20 years Chaos theories and Nanno technologies been said to be the new trends according to architecture.
But to understand Chaos thories you need to know how recursive functions work. In nature you se Chaos theories grow natural forms in situ, as if the building blocks themself contain a rough blueprint of the structure, --- then if Chaos theories and Nanno world, shuld not just yield fantasy world and impossible cartoon fantasies, you need to "translate" Nanno idears and Chaos theories into somthing that will challance the intire process of projecting a building volume.
From asking yourself if even the form shuld be decided with Chaos theorie, to acturly manufactoring each building element, ----- and as we now been waiting with the same promises for 15 -- 20 years , the Lego mind and Lego way of thinking allready won the battle.
What do you expect the Chaos and Nanno theories to deliver, ---- wouldn't it be obvious to expect this be done with computers, as then there are allready methods develobed, that fill out a thick shell, with an assembly framework with an idear to it ; no need for Chaos in the assembly line.
What do you expect if you want Nanno and Chaos to rule over Lego ; one direction are square to the extents that it want to dictate our minds and the other are so difficult to understand, that you _need_ robots to produce the buildings. Then if you don't profit from the experience a method like 3D-H offer, you will never get the experience to maneage nanno in a way that will make an impac on our ability to understand the world and the fact that any progress been made , by transforming the chaos theories into manufactorable units forming what we ask, ------ nice and beautifull structures.
How long are we to wait before the promised Nanno and Chaos theories will offer somthing we can use building a shed.
How do we expect a designer promote a new form language, if this language form it's own expression that not nessery deal with what the designer or rtist want to express or offer.
What do I care how the sheet materials are produced, as long as I can produce a nice inviroment ,but just becaurse some technology promise what we individually "expect" don't mean that academics need to punish themself, with methods no one asked to cover the intire building process ; maby in 100 years, but what shuld we do in that time, ---- build Roman bridges or expensive mesh entity volumes with no structure ?
Nanno are a very small thing and Chaos make it even harder to manuver, ---- you need "handles" for nanno technikes and Chaos will provide these, but then where do that end.
Now I think, that if you can form Solids and create a building volume as thick walls that then are filled with a uniform assembly framework, then you can use some Chaos or Nanno theories , but we shuld not be waiting for new technologies we shuld be exploring new technologies as we allway's did.

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