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Posted by  Per Corell on December 17, 2002 at 02:45:39:

In Reply to:  Re: Azimuths of the Parthenon posted by Peter Sault on December 16, 2002 at 20:35:41:

That day I will stop drawing. Or maby not, as then trere realy are somthing to fight. Guess what you call Razoe-wire designs are what I talk against, as zero thickness mesh entities , the tradisional wire mesh structures that been causing a lot of trouble yieled a few results but never brought what promised being expensive and a lot of trouble. Asking an army of skilled craftmen and only producing huge arears covered with no structure underneath.
Guess it work like this ,that from the brick was interduced, it needed generations to se what it could bring , a combination of crafts and vision tight up in the needs. Proberly it's no difference today, where the size of the industrie and the products of the industrie are what are the tools, ---- then technology come and say there are other way's but as no car today are build on two long steel beams, wire mesh structures shown their limitations of carrying no structure . so what I pick on , about razor wire designs, is not the sterility but the lack of structure and the fact that no progress with new building methods are possible, when the architect just outline the outher shape and leave to the engineer to solve the exiting puzzle creating a self supporting expensive shell.
No doubt that the sterile inviroments will have their own qualities, but as you point to they will not offer the qualities of the tradisional .
Now please don't think I want to hount you with another pony, so I will just in short try to express this, and please se that the reson I do so, is that I se methods like 3D-H as the tools for a new form language, but to do so you need to point to a few facts;
The modern living houses I se being build around are proberly some of the nicest that have been build, simple but modern, harmonic and light even offering the qualities of tradisional brick houses. But why is it they are made as ugly concrete boxes, and why is it, they become more expensive, while halve the job building, are covering with thin brick decor. Now I am talking about 3 floor buildings in nice surroundings , and surely I would swap with this 1840 hole, but why is it, they need to build it tree times as expensive as needed.
I know why and this cover _all_ what is build ; becaurse of Lego thinking, that take a Le.corb. house and clash it square , as then flat walls can be casted loosing the nice shapes, these blocks don't need special trucks as they are designed not compared to the house they will form but to the dimensions of the truck.
Now I said I would make this short and I allready disapointed you, but how to express ,when you stand there and _se_ all that vaste, knowing that if those nut heads was only knowing what they was infact doing, they would not spend tree times the money on ugly concrete boxes with fake brickwork ; what cheat yu and me, is that the end result are nice looking houses, but they _are_ square, expensive and build just as you could 40 years ago. Even back then you would use stones. Concrete didn't seem to make this cheaper, and I know why , you would know why if you had my visions about offering the same in another technology, one that badly enough are so new, that there are only my attemts to show the options, -------- but my figures work and so do the method.
Now if you ask me to build a boat, I would have two options ; the tradisional method that I used building a few and this new way to se and save a lot of time and even bring you a better and stronger hull. Please remember, that much tradisional and modern brickwork share the same types of construction elements. Most steel buildings are 90 deg. assemblies with hangers, bolts, different profiles put together like frames, stringers and skin in a boat hull ; there are simularities between the tradisional rib in a ship and the steel beam in a building. Now why not get rid of 20 different steel beams, asking 10 mashines to produce each profile, and why not get rid of corner assemblies, hangers and bolts all together, and replace the whole lot, with an intergrated framework made from one material only, sheet material.
Then what do I care, if you cast the assembly by producing easy forms with a CAD program as this will allway's be cheaper than flat wall panels. Or even you don't want to use the cheapest way to produce an assembly frame but want to "build" this from square sheets and only add different edge shapes and assembly sheets where building blocks meet ; 3D-H show that many positive side effects that I know we only seen the start of it , but it is a compleatly new world, also mentaly as from how I seen skilled ingeneers saying first "no, -- this s to good to be true" then "no this can not be possible, it't to simple"
ending up saying "why didn't anyone do this before" . ------- What I mean is difficult to grask for even skilled engineers as you are so much into 3 plane constructin, that producing somthing from only two planes, ask you to forget what you allway's did ,to "se" a new and simpler way , that don't even offer the same but somthing simular , and please se that there are a difference here.
A new form language and a compleatly new production idear, that make an end to hangers and bolts as we know them.
This could produce a new phanteon , but the dimensions and care about the site ,function and expression will not change.
Wonder if writing a book would progress the visions.

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