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Posted by  Per Corell on December 17, 2002 at 10:22:40:

In Reply to:  Re: Azimuths of the Parthenon posted by Manuei Oliveros on December 17, 2002 at 09:16:15:

About Pyramides, the Romans also was right, emagine a Roman seing the pyramides first time, think the amount of bridges, not wierd triangle greekworks, being sofisticated this ausom useless even 3D shape, doing _nothing_ trying to be square ; don't you se it, it simply are alian, or perhaps not, but the Farao's wasn't ness. the ones who build them, as so wierd will no human be, making piles of stones doing geometrics , ------- one thing clear though, you can not chissel out this you can form letters with special cement, perfect hundreds, of sq. meters , without being smart, Pyramides are not very smart in terms of building structure, unless they are hollow.
That's how.
Farao's could have inverted the objects, and written "I made this" on the walls, these will be the service channels ,if the pyramide are in fact hollow .
Acturly you can form a perfect 3D-H in P. form , being nothing but stone after stone when you try force in any place on the surface,
There still will be a framework of ally's possible, by restocking the stones, to form passway's, ------- Then you could carve out a perfect form form the center of the pyramide and create a huge iner hollow spaces, but to hold the top of the pyramides, the service channels are essential ; this is the saintiest, thing to tell about Pyramides, they newer was realy usefull for anything but Pyramides, that is useless as who want a great pile of stones, when what you want is a bridge.
The Romans proberly just wanted to build bridges ,bath houses and insterlations, would proberly be the least to need pyramises but bridges made with what the Romans proberly was told ; a liquid stone buried with the reminds of huge treasures.
If you look around the things are same tone as the sand around, this call for concrete right away, made with buckets and forms with a string, If you want a house, build with 3D-H and you would get a ship.
A thing ------ as that is what you want, greed will explode in the progress a true digital building method start doing sheet material ;))

I must be a bore in this forum, when I think back about the exchouses I spend, promoting my framework, doing good whatever house structure, motor boat structure , high rise structure whatever, as long as there are structure, and a way to form this structure , right .
The faro's are just in a service channal, in a hollow structure from 3D-H Buh.

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