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Posted by  Per Corell on December 18, 2002 at 02:17:36:

In Reply to:  Re: Azimuths of the Parthenon posted by Peter Sault on December 17, 2002 at 13:06:42:

Right in Babylon, ---- not in a Pyramide, as what sense would you ever get from a useless thing that only offer one big advanteage ; that they are easy to escape.
What's the use for direct light if you are blinded, what will be most important for a buisnessman , that his house run strait north south or if it have the exact proportions making it look double as big, then who care about the north pole back aincient, even before anyone knew there was a north pole. Personally I think this is about promotion , and the "right" posisioning of a box with these proportions, as what do you need perfect proportions for, if placing it 15 deg. out of line with where the master builder lived on the way to the temple, would maby hide the structure ; then being "right" in terms of academics make no sense, as you simply have to stop reverse ingenering at a point ,just before you end up proving a theori with the Pyramides ; when anyone reach this point you need to know that there never been any use for pyramides as they simply are wierd .
Placed there to keep mankind on the earth , wondering about any idear to them. As I told you Romans before, you shuld build bridges instead of wondering about somthing as silli as triangles trying to be square, ------ the wonder of beauty do not depend on a compas needle or some aincient fireworks , you don't crack any mysterie by prosuming that the Pyramide builders even cared about the north pole, but seing a temple in an angle making the impression the arts, work much better, if what you need are a spetacular commersial ; guess the secret means are the most difficult to se, but why is it, that the kind toutch and the ballanced artery simply have to be drawn out into the light, beauty hide among the shaddows , beauty work within not solo , beauty are a composision not a triangle making you think , that this is how things work.
Acturly everything work directly opposite ; the "pyramides" of the real world work upside down, the single artist in the bottom of the opposide pyramide, are the "top" holding the intire upside down pyramide in the air. All the schools, museums, jobs within the arts world, building firms, academics whatever , are kept in the air, not by a wide base, but from the efford of the few. Then when Arts are a social skill, one artist, can hold a complete museum in the air ; isn't this a pyramide upside down ; ----- then when you agrea, you will also know why the Pyramides are there ; to keep mankind on the earth, wondering about a thing so alian and heavy, with no porpous, build in a material that for sure will not be brought into space, and keeping your minds from building the bridges you shuld build with the only reasoable material for whatever else than just Pyramides.
There wasn't even a need for a copyright about these hollow piles, The Farao's who just plastered the walls with the remains of cement bags left to repair the service tubes, did what any punk would do even today ; grafitti on the walls and "I made this" , ------ don't you se it, you would be a bad architect, to be square about the north-south line, if this would ruin the smooth touch and master pointer, doing an othervise square box, into an impressive symbol, then who care about a north pole, that only the pyramide builders could se any idear with, when they even couldn't prove their idears.
What shuld be so interesting that the posision or track of the sun shuld be forgotten .
Don't you se it, ---- while there are no idear to the pyramides, or if the one that was are long gone, ---- generation after generation been discussing the idears and even think they found Visions , each different up along history ,and with different perspective compared the state of technology reached the pyramides allway's found fan's that could replace the old idear and replace it with new theories, but even today no one got a clue, and even vorse , some king tut of all the possible means, place a sculpture of himself with 4 legs just next to the useless stacks , ------ now there are sense to it right.
Somone so keen about himself ,that he have an old antike recarved in his own picture is belived when he spray "I made this" on the walls.
You Romans are so naive.

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