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Posted by  Per Corell on December 18, 2002 at 03:37:03:

In Reply to:  Re: Azimuths of the Parthenon posted by Peter Sault on December 17, 2002 at 05:43:10:

Now GREED will be a very dangouras aspect with 3D-H, as 3D-H is not just some fancy frameworks but a new form language that fit better with Digital than the tradisional methods.
Interducing a new method as the first true Digital method and documenting the possible means, even this mean you have to be ignorant. With the stock markets what you se, are companies that act as Pyramides. These are anyway not the source of investing, but offer a fake security in the times, where investing in the _true_ new technologies are so important.
Why shuldn't a build around WTC project bring much more quality, than investing in the next pyramide escape. Don't you think narsisism allready made enough harm in construction , spending the efford planning an internal life instead of promoting the true values, brought with progress and escaping the square mind.
What would be a better symbol than a build-around, leaving the footprint of the old towers, leaving the intire volumes within another and greater structure ,that you shuld not judge from top,side or front views , but from the effect new technology will have on investment in true new technologies ; not in hollow Pyramide thinking.
Wouldn't the jobs and progress with a compleatly new technology ,that acturly fit perfect with Digital oposed the tradisional methods, that allway's been a help aid, to even be able to put the thing down on paper to be able to even build or more important copy the thing.
-------- This is how paperworks was invented ; you pirated a ship and then the King wanted a fleet of these as this was better than the old wrecks. Don't you think that with Digital , there shuld be better way's to produce a construction, than from 3 planes ; I mean 2 planes are allreadu one third less the trouble and the computer work perfect with these new way's.
Still the right ansver to the attack shuld not be our attemts to response on the act itself, as if there are a war, then it allready is pointed towerds symbols , ------- even anyone know, that if greed are a participant then the small firearms dealer proberly was the ones greeding most about this attac ; quite sure the WTC attack made a lot of buisness selling hand guns, ---- so when you "ansver" , you better know the question . Even destructive dope dealers would laugh or what or why did these two different attacks othervise act as a party of various interests.
Anyway New technology will create new jobs, new mind will create new Visions and when you know how an architecture application are acturly written, you know that even the architects that is working with what they think are top technology, work with a different mind of technology, an old one that would work without computers one that is just translated so, that the computer bring exactly what you can emagine.
GREED will explode with the means of 3D-H like technologies, 3D-H are acturly easyer to learn than 3 plane construction, the math. involved are advanced but not so advanced that you can't understand it in "pictures" , ---- realy the concept of 3D-H promise so much progress ,that this could be the treads against it, then beauty and Visions are your only arms. Bad arts are a social skill.

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