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Posted by  Per Corell on December 24, 2002 at 12:20:40:

In Reply to:  Re: PROJECT ONE (rebuilding WTC) posted by Manuel Oliveros on December 24, 2002 at 09:19:38:

Ha, ------- then whoever hold the commision can by quote, forse the thing tru in 3D-H, or simular possible construction technikes, for sheet, concrete or what avaible technologies the memorial parks concern. How can this be different, then the right ansver with the right means time pass and it still is not better, to build the wrong, two years before. The avaible technologies do provide in different cost, then what is realy wrong with Digitals, when the "thing" is four times as strong, If I wanted to restore the inviroment I would ask the local population, or did you also get rid of those as in many modern towns :(( Yes Im'e talking about glassy emty arears, so if what's wrong about the plans that been, was that there are no room for a population, mine are better.
Maby I can not draw it, project each actural building, down any 3D-H fitworks, this option the commity shuldn't be without, working with the profesionels that make the best bargains, producing building works , sorry here I go again, I forgot sorry to the group.
What you realy need is networks so care reach each family ,growing the oppotunity of peaceworks, not meshworks wrinkleworks or bad robotics. The WTC re-build ,proberly anyway need a suggestion about how cheap frameworks, four times stronger than the ones there. A great artist proberly can produce an artwork about the brickworks possible with today's Lego mind ; Romans don't want to make money, they don't want the mean for what they want ; cheap strong beautifull houses, as they want to stay with brickworks.
What is it you want, what do you expect anyone participate with a Dome in standard size xyz, this is brickworks, not digitaly producing a cheap building block for a 3D framework , everyone are still dreaming and Im'e the only sain man standing, now you all lost your visions, why this is this place ; ------ If you want it, then it's here read the graphics and any 18 year old can produce the best high speed boathull, brought with truck as assembly . What is wrong young people know advanced math. Now build around tend to deal with idear to it, then I better just provide the best four wall framework Honeycomb structure. Still have anyone the ability to cover the future that is about building methods, and it is not out of question ,I guess, to point to serious advanteage planning a center with a progressive building method.
Im'e in it for the building method ;))

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