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Posted by  Per Corell on December 25, 2002 at 12:50:46:

In Reply to:  Re: World Trade Center Buildings posted by d on December 25, 2002 at 09:35:12:

What you say indicate extra building inspection more repairable clusters , ------- a wooden ship will last forever, when a third the hull, are replaced aons 30's year.
What's wrong with replaceble wrinkleworks, when the panels anyway will join the building construction, providing a Honeycomb cell, tha't when it start providing strength. you design hollow spaces as a way to maximise strength by building method providing surface and extra strength with assembly frameworks, as adding surface paneling act as in a boat construction ; paneling-framework,stringer construction. Most 3D-H as an example ,will easyli provide the strength to build the original towers better than they ever been with more room inside, bigger volumes anyway, with full access, just build them as emty volums for memorial full size, anyoue will save adding this framework, but from the start you heard the local population suggesting what realy is needed to provide the best inviroment and what you need to do so. Is this the emty town middle as known, or is it a live part of the Town ,shuldn't the public or architects in general know.
Still why shuldn't anyone have the option of a very nice naibourhood.
Assembly alleyway's going into the structure, build-arounds in an other structure a third the cost, within and around the twin tower arears where _nothing_ is build. How could it except a nice memorial within a greater network of modern City. Lose once or twice your choice. --- only once if you pick the wrong but twice if you first spend the money with the investment and then banckrupt.
Anything that suffered must have it's negativ impression with my Vision , the emty places carved within the surrounding structures, ------ each roadmesh, structure mesh, build around mesh framework, will be there as assemblies for Lego if you want, delivered on truck with not one missing piece, it is a building process worked as a pilot less Metro, providing whatever you want . A safe world . How to make it grow ; ask a cubic food cost for anyone who want to build within the arears covered and ask the computer if it work, with the claim, that the one that build, must do so strong, that a tower can be build ontop. ---- bad future I or how, if the one who build ontop of you, must compensate to you for your investment ,you could redraw your investment and with ten floors, you could sell the volumes for a farm.

Ask the owners in front what they realy want, if you care, you could de-assemble some of the finest structures ,we do so in Dk, all historic buildings been presaved and moved or is still stored, don't you think Architects care about possible means . Architecture are proberly the heaviest form of art.
When somthing is build you need the possible building methods to provide the best. beside a 3D-H will smooth in anywhere be much cheaper than old heavy brickwork ,steelworks and glitterworks you shuld be rid of anyway. Small building 3D-H steel meshworks proberly easyer to heat as easyer insulated and cheaper to build than most other structural methods, beside I don't se, why anyone still talk about non U.s. architects with the WTC . This shuld be U.s. architects counting out the rest of the world, except the tech. issues ,building methods and design. Bet anyway it proberly will be an american firm, that will get first price, ---- then emagine a building method that work as promised.
I mean this about the architect must work within USA.

Nice talking to you

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