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Posted by  Per Corell on December 26, 2002 at 00:54:10:

In Reply to:  Re: World Trade Center Buildings posted by d on December 25, 2002 at 16:08:18:

The main idea, is to make the computer generate the framework.
One way to make it do this , will create the assembly slots where one frame halve cross another halve notch in the other. Easy done with common volume and subtracting halve of this from each frame, then a tight halve notch are there.
At this point the structure are there, locked with the notches, next problem then need to be seen as an opportunity to develop a fitting that allow for the movement you will expect if the ground mowed in an earthquake wave. ---- with other structures, you maybe want to get rid of all overlaps ,say you want a framework for a craft some kind with huge strength , you produce the framework in Styrofoam, cover all surfaces with fiber and resin ,and when the epoxy are hardened you flush out the original framework with styrene that will solute the Styrofoam and leave the 3D-H as reinforced interconnected laminate tubes.
Please se that I don't claim that this method are fully developed. we already discussed the obvious problem about the bit clumsy appearance, where I am still working with the idea that came out of our discussion, ---- to minimize the section area of each frame the higher it go. there will be side effects to that to. But se it this way ,that about earthquake safe houses, yet to be proven, my argument is, that exactly the rigid construction ,don't allow for any release of the forces ,meaning the house boxwork and inner walls will be under great tension and fall . With inter connected frames you have a chance that the building structure will be released before this happen. I do not say that a building will be protected, but when earthquakes are like earth waves ,the building structure have a chance ,if each frame is allowed to be released to move.
Now if this theories is just partly right, a lot of the discussion point in flavor of 3D-H also in other applications, as then a rigid structure are not the ideal structure, then a 3D-H structure are the ideal structure ;))

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