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Posted by  Dora on December 28, 2002 at 02:15:22:

In anticipation for my next project which is the majority of the marks for this year I am loooking at large scale housing schemes, mainly Unite Habitation and the Byker redevelopment by Erskine. I am finding lots of similarities but I am trying to look at the schemes as the wholes that they were designed to be. Many books I have read talk about corbusiers scheme as having 3 large blocks with each block having a slightly different attitude towards provision of teh basic needs. But I cant find any more information on the two blocks that did not get built. Also does any one have any interesting comments on either of teh two schems I have mentioned, both were council paid schemes and as far as I can see designed for speed of build as much as anything. Erskines scheme is more of an update than anything new it justs modernises corbusiers ideas.
Hopefully my scheme will be able to solve all the problems large scale housing poses and be half as good as either scheme
Many Thanks

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