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Posted by  Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 10:17:25:

In Reply to:  Re: Wire mesh structures posted by Chris on January 03, 2003 at 09:18:56:

Now when you are interested in this issue, you must know that I have a point about this, ---- but you need to read what I write, then you se my point. ( please tell if the spelling are to bad =
The issue was _not the 3D-H, ---- also I am not trying to to critic Bilbao in another tread, but here again I must wonder and ask you, what acturly happened during these 25 years. I solved the wire mesh by writing my own programs to unfold organic shaped surfaces and I builded a lot of boats with this software ; then when I can from start to end , project and build a perfect boat why shuldn't I build a better house, anyway at the same time I realised architects was using wire meshes to form organic shapes, ( I spended 4 years at the architect acadamy ) , and with the trouble in mind making this usefull, I wondered a lot about how zero thickness mesh surfaces could have a chance in architecture, offering nothing but a shell and a lot of work ; ---- was this the idear, wasn't the idear to "draw" with the same tool that would acturly produce the building block ; then why pick a polymesh before this make any sense in terms of producing the actural part of the building.
Now it don't seem that it is easy to describe new visions, and with this tread I acturly at the start told, that before develobing 3D-H , I allready solved the problem covering the framework --- didn't I.
Did i not write, that I could produce a """better""" wire mesh structure, perfectly fit for ferro cement ?
Well then when Bilbao surface coverings exist, why don't you think a """better""" method than what was used 25 years ago shuld be able to cover a 3D-H structure, ---- shuld 25 years pass while nothing happen concerning architecture and instant-building methods.
---- Now none of the ones you mention are instant-building methods ; from what I heard Bilbao and a few other organic structures were a hell and """not""" the cheap building methods you been waiting for.

But when you check out about technology and architecture, you soon end up where the idear shuld be, that what you project ,shuld not be written on a piece of """paper""" , as it shuld be send to the mashin """producing""" the individual assembly piece. Then you are proberly quite right, that the shapes of these Icons are very modern, ----- but now for 25 years, where other crafts seen revolutions, it is as the revolution within architecture went wrong, with the dead-end organic mesh structures.
Do no one here even know why mesh entities was scrapped in many other applications, then I will tell ; the reson are what is called single curved surfaces. These you will se with organic wire meshes when you try to cover each face as in Bilbao ; each face need to be "flat" and they are "not". ----- Why do you think I keep mentioning "an army of craftmen", if these mesh entities are without problems, why do you think I am registrated application develober with Adesk ;))
I know the trouble you architects don't seem to know, maby you don't care, as the foults are not yours and you have the builders to fiddle things so you end up with the fancy mesh entities, ----- but please ; shuldn't more have happened in 25 years than running back to Lego style. And wouldn't it be better to find the true trouble instead of leaving the organic shapes useless as somthing you did in the first 20 years of the computer age, as you didn't know the tools.

Now will anyone please explain to me, why top high-tech , shuld be a tradisional brick building, with a high-tech hat , I realy like to know why anyone think it is true high-tech ,when the high-tech forms can't hold the floors. - ( 3D-H can ) but """" No """ organic mesh structure are """ made """ for carrying the weight of any floors.
Then how can you think, that the trouble mesh entities absotlutly """ must """ be what architects been looking for ,when all it produce is somthing .

Now those who critic are right , ---- but guess what ; today as back 1905 artists been poor, had many children , been Aspergers and havn't had the social skills needed to promote their creations ; mine are not just the 3D-H , but the method I mentioned to perform a true wire mesh for a F.C. structure, and the 3D-H fit perfect to hold the floors and support the mesh roof. But before this, I wrote the software and tested and tested and tested, and you know what ; it worked ,and offcaurse it work, but unlike any other artist, I am not an academic, so I must make sure my family accept another project, beside you spend both money and time with a project, and I still owe the bank for the last project at the States workshop where my two plotters and two computers was destroyed with my last project.

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