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Posted by  Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 11:26:43:

In Reply to:  Re: Wire mesh structures posted by Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 10:17:25:

If a boatbuilder want a boat, he proberly just build one, I did and develobed the tools everyone was looking for ; a way to form a framework as material ,without bending a single piece nothing realy need bending except plain panels ; guess you know that sheet materials are nice materials and with 3D-H you shape any structure even the "scale" and material of the intergrated framework, you make do this ,need to be a different method ; sure it is, that's what I been saying for years and you are quite right that you need to "se" buildings different with a new building, that will do Digital drawings.
You know what a true new building method will mean, when you can say you know this and the goals for architecture shuld be, to provide the true top technologies if the inviroment can't start build.

Or ask yourself ; what would a perfect 3D-H application, doing crankworks bitwise so you can build your dream house a third the cost, atleast a quater the weight only double as strong , please if the method used now even being the foundations of structure defination, with 3D-Honeycomb.

Now if you had a Duck or griffon laying Godl eggs, then what would you gain killing the bird , ------ Anyway and this I can say with a life long experience, about computers and adabting design to production process.
Is this an architect list then Im'e sorry that I am provacative, Back 70' this was accepted among artists ,still as I said, I could post a suggestion about a project dealing with It. and architecture, with a description of producing the single building element, and I showed and proved how ; never the less the proposal placed a tunnel where one to be, and I repeated myself making sure this proposal was this,------------ then the jury in it's decision, write that none of the proposals dealed with what particular my project did, then you forget about academics ; now even you maby are one, you don't live in a small contry ,you don't deal with new building methods I do, and I know who lose a bundle, compared the extras, doing simple boxworks, with any computer ; is this what you don't want architects to master with new tools as 3D-H ,that you know work , then why don't anyone make a lot of money ;))
Please understand, that I allway's was very occupied about frameworks ,Also I don't mind ,if somone in your family shuld build a plesant Cyber-Boat , with the aide of the free download boatplans, I hope will develob with other issues than 3D-Honeycomb.

You Romans think about this as about Pyramides, don't you se the bright options with the new tools computers finaly brought ,press a button ,fill in the name of material type, and the program will scale the framework to produce the right strength.

Beside , ------- you architects think, that whenever I proclame another option, that now I also want to form your artworks ; where this exactly what I need ,to show you the idear about producing a framework as a structure you smoothly will build into and above any other structure. Please ; ----- I can make any WTC project better with 3D-H , some would proberly with adjusting after the structure drawn is transfered into an easy building volume assembly block in a ever live town expantion ; 3D-H will provide whatever whenever, even whole sections of tunnel framework building block, as power suply drainage ,road mapping , but nomatter how good designers think they are , nothing have yet matched the idears spoken with 3D-Honeycomb.
-------- Is there realy a paragraph, saying an equal oppotunity shuld bring what you would expect one to bring.

Please se it like this ; you say that a needless mean is the trouble ; you tell a gifted boatbuilder ,with good understanding about crafts and beauty that "prove" , is needed ; why that, isn't the state of the arts enough already, to tell this.
Maby the trouble is, that I ,to stay profesional, acording to tools and trouble, prove what shuld naturaly have followed the early 70' situasionists dreamworks ,wery Escher inspired at times,
"As a thick shell vowen in a framework , you can cut the assemblies for easy, in plain sheet material.
Children is btw good projecting 3D-H structures and learn in fact a complicated math. system that shuld help math. skills .
What is wrong, any 18 year old, could download the drawings for a Cyber-Boat Longboat, and build it with the method, develobed to be able to build.
I am sorry when I bother anyone, so when I must promote while develobing what will be nice, speaking at the same time, about why wire mesh architecture was a dead end without 3D-H to make it light.

I don't want to pick on how much better 3D-H is according most other .
Still 2003 or 1905 what's the difference if you know you have a vision. Guess that is what is wrong about yestoday's ;))

Love the 70' , but _not_ all the music.

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