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Posted by  Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 12:09:51:

In Reply to:  Re: Wire mesh structures (continued, hopefully not for long ) posted by Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 11:26:43:

Both children and adults will have greater oppotunities with true digital building methods, the 3D-H is a very precicely math. description develobed to acturly solve the problem producing a reliable building structure better, with a structured "material" framework develobed into honeycomb boxes where extra strength needed. The free-form organic shapes was from my point of watching, a dead end as long you didn't acturly "draw" with material in 3D.
Eh ,----- a mesh on a computer is nothing but lines on a computer screen, in this sense there are no organic structure but posisions in 3D space, then you could use bamboo for the mesh or reinforcement strings, ----- now beside 3D-H I forgot to tell that I have a method for organic meshworks that work to.
With 3D-H you can stay 2D if this is the trouble, but any child will be able to point to volumes, and do the "tradisional" Union, Subtract, interference, and copy commands by screen pointing device.
And any child will reconise what been produced in terms of a framework for floors ,panels and roof.
3D-H will full size produce whatever projected, ------ but is it true that you want no designer involved this simple a process ; this is not my idear about it, as the 18 year old who build one of the Longboats, will gain more than this. So will you se even better skills evolve ,than you can emagine, ------- now what is acturly wrong, getting what you want ;))

Remind me about, that if you think it is difficult to se, why a 3D-H havn't got a roof, then maby the defination of climat shell come in handy , the structure you se in the graphic are several frameworks interact. This mean that the "framework in the smallest scale will be the "roughest" outher heavy framework. Within and around this framework, the weather will be very different than without the framework. The rain will fall mainly to the huge frames ,and will be led in build in tubes, out of the building ; so along and under a heavy 3D-H there even could be dry in Bergen even no roof, if the faces are directed right. ------ How much rain do you think will enter this structure, with a few small changes.

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