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Posted by  Per Corell on January 03, 2003 at 12:43:49:

In Reply to:  Re: Wire mesh structures posted by Ken on January 03, 2003 at 11:21:20:

Then read your own mail, knowing you just seen a 3D-H work better than any other structure, --- There are 3D-H structures build, but is this the issue for this discussion ; so was Bilbao not "build" before it was acturly build, ------ You is not fair about this.
So a boat builder ,can not "emagine" a better boat than what an engineer can buckle together, with "known geometrics" ?
Now maby I did not point enough to this, but _other_ people than you, have very different idears than you, they write me private, a few wish me luck and se the potential in a building methods that will make jobs and cheap housing, beside why shuld academics be the only lazy bundle, qhy must self thought computer specialists tell them , that Architecture are not about conservatism but visions ; remind me that this allway's been the role of creative artists ; I am a designer already, but find oposed you who just want to stay with present ,Even Kursk I guess, was only lines on a computer before build, why shuld one that can build a tradisional lapstrake row dinghie in mahogony not be able to build exactly what he want,
I offer visions and do this with a solid base of tradisional skills, do carpentry aswell as iron as what this is ; my tools exactly as the computer are my tool, just needed decent tools to acturly produce anything else than just paper. Then you tell me that the reson architects been in a dead-end with Lego-mind architecture applications is that "I" have not proven 3D-H , when truth is very different and the trouble that "free-form" is still an issue 25 years after bad experiences with a compleatly different technology is blamed 3D-H , ----- this is not just either ; no architect I know would master this tool as I, but I am not an architect or a priest ,Im'e the artist with the mean develobed from being there from the start, seing what was wrong, while the social game finaly made art into academics.

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