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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on January 15, 2003 at 14:08:23:

In Reply to:  More Questions About Architectural Ethics posted by Richard Ellmyer on January 13, 2003 at 00:15:09:

What you are describing fits more or less with the ways of dealing with urbanism in Spain. Basically is a entente between the economical and political powerbrokers what drives it, without the lesser relationship (except in paying what asked) with the wishes and needs of people. Of course the position of the technicians there, architects included, is to please such powerbrokers that pay their fees and salaries.

Now, you ask, is it ethical? A close equivalent for ethics in spanish is moral, and moral is etymologically (or semantically) what is made according to custom. In this case they are behaving according to one too much extended custom: corruption as the State. It is the same of normal, many aberrations are normal statistically. Perversion of language allows for these things mean one thing and its exact opposite, due to subreptitious but real support of the opposed meaning by people, entirely aware of that the bad practices happen (they sharing such bad practices) and then looking elsewhere for blame (people are fantastic in looking for blame elsewhere).

My pointing to the heavy responsability of the people in this matters is very relevant in countries and places where elections are (more or less) practiced democratically. It is widely known that people know these bad practices, and since participates in them, are guilty of misdemeanor. The problem is that many times the amount of people supporting the unethical policy gets to be even a majority. Then we have the issue of not only the behaviour of the representatives and their staff being unethical, but that of the more or less big numbers supporting such people in place. And everyone knows that with political correctness violence is excluded, and with the law made to the whims of the powerbrokers, guys out there, this is checkmate.

In what other way in modern and rich societies can be sustained such degrees of injustice that some have not what to eat nor to live in? The enemy such minorities face is not some governor or just some corrupt judge, it is a system itself devised to sustain such injustices in place. And it proves to be a tiring exercise of patience to wait for the minimal rights be acknowledged where there wouldn't be any effort to be made if the always proclaimed goodwill of the public estament towards all people was true, and not a lie.

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