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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on January 17, 2003 at 10:31:36:

In Reply to:  Was Mies a Nazi? posted by Sara on January 16, 2003 at 08:36:24:

I think for everyone dealing with a question like this the proper way is gaining the higher knowledge of standing facts about the behaviour of the individual.

As when dealing with arhitecture, brandishing someone with a label is such reduction that can mean about anything one wants, depending on who makes the statement.

Even in "normal" or "peacecful" situations lots and lots of people are not having the life they would follow just due to circumnstances entirely out of their reach to change. Of course even then people continue doing things and of course depending of the degree of actual freedom and the thing involved one can afford oneself by his/her actions become guilty of things, thinking in ordinary moral ground.

Then there is the political and actual use of brandishing people to suit political and actual targets. Defamation has been traditionally a way of paving access to some things by people. Defamation does not only occur during the life of people, it happens also afterwards. Only the more physical aspects of history can be taken as true and only after heavy scrutiny of very reliable sources. Anything else is interpretation, not that has not interest, but confounding it as history is simply wrong.

The political uses of defamation have long tradition in history because many present actions of the times were (and are) being based in purported "facts" that had happened in the past than never were so in the ways they were and are being described to suit the ongoing interests.

In all, one needs to understand that a person thinking has some limits in getting knowledge and ascertaining facts, and no other thing that people is known to be thinking in Earth, I mean, other than spiritual life that many choose to deny.

So the case of Mies, famous that he may stand is just an example of the personal ordeals or trials people living in the turmoils ongoing around WWII. The particular characteristics of those of Mies we never will know, for were just his. So I endear getting by the facts.

In the end myself would likely thing that one that leaved Germany before WWII surely was not satisfied with what ongoing there, at least in personal terms. Of course one could have mischievously done so to act as a nazi agent elsewhere, but seems not the case for Mies. Other than that, Mies maybe or likely accepted before some commissions or practices that were between those happening by the time and that simply couldn't be avoided by just the fact of practicing. To what extent the practices in which he incurred were morally debatable, and more precisely, nazi, is a thing that only thourough examination of the facts can give some idea about, and even then will be subjects to the interpretation of the examiners.

So, well ... along a life many things happen. One will hate you longlastingly or for significant timie for a thing that maybe even didn't happen as he interprets, because misinterpretation of your intent or ascertainment of your deeds. Anyone that has lived a bit knows these things happen, and know how these misunderstanding place a field of mllack oof proper entente about deeds, facts and intent. To then simply adjudicate someone a label and just proceed along is directly such kind of misrepresentation: it does not give the whole of what that person does and did in Earth, and likely never any human attempt of understanding so will be successful because such wholeness of the experience is precisely the sole property of the acting person.

This said, and of course any study and analysis of anything being intellectively worth, and whatever the result of the analysis, it is clear that talented people has been in the past and is being now used to propel some of the less nice aspects of what to be a human living in Earth is. This is not just a sin of tyrants or nazis, our democracies do so and not always for confessable things, or of course for things the kind hearted people would approve. These talented men, be Michelangelo or Wernher Von Braun are personally captivated by the charm of their lives and the claws of those using them.

Judging the moral experience of anyone is hard task, except for people whose utter cruelty is manifestly proven (and even then one would have to look to circumnstances and intent).

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