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Posted by  Per Corell on January 24, 2003 at 07:55:45:

In Reply to:  Re: Wire mesh structures (continued, hopefully not for long ) posted by Gary R on January 24, 2003 at 07:07:53:

You are quite right, -- but when you are not restricted by the limitations with tradisional structures row and collums ,you must experience the opputunities try the limits give a hell about the function, and ask yourself why everyone have that much trouble with 3D.
Now this thing will "work", you can make it 10 cm high and 10 meter high, ------- but please don't think this structure make no sense.
Acturly it had two porpus ; one to "emagine" in true 3D, how much structure you would need for a part climat shell ; now I guess everyone will say " it don't wear a surface" , but then what, if the climat under, will allow a dry inviroment. What if this is just enough to make a desert under the thing when the thing is 20 meter high and is very cheap to build.
The other porpous was to get an aid to emagine how this structure can hold floors ,this do not hold floors but placing a few ones would be easy but it would also make the structure more difficult to understand, even it is in fact more simple than any highrise structure you are used to . What you don't se is, that to form this structure ,or any other structure that be _any_ building structure ,geometric or organic ,you need only two planes to generate an assembly framework ,made from flat sheets cut in shape.
Now ------- there was a third idear about this ; that this rounded and very organic shape is indeed build from building blocks that is cut from a plane material, no bending or fiddeling each building element will fit exactly without bending or fiddeling, ------- now that's a new thing isn't it ;))
Beside what's the difference about this and the graphics here, guess both are equaly "useless".
Nice talking to you

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