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Posted by  Nick Easton on January 28, 2003 at 07:18:15:

For the poster below asking about the definition of parametric design; (the post function is unfunctional below...)

Typically in the CAD market there are products that create lines, arcs, and circles. Combine these items with dimensions and notes, and out come drawings for civil, architectural, or mechanical design. Because traditional CAD tools are based on geometric objects, making a design change requires changing all appropriate components in order to make the drawing correct.

Most current CAD/CAM/CAE software utilizes a design feature called parametrics, a method of linking dimensions and variables to geometry in such a way that when the values change, the part changes as well. A parameter is a variable to which other variables are related, and these other variables can be obtained by means of parametric equations. In this manner, design modifications and creation of a family of parts can be performed in remarkably quick time compared with the redrawing required by traditional CAD. In the past five years, PTC's success has prompted major CAD players to offer similar functions.

Parametric modification can be accomplished with a spreadsheet, script, or by manually changing dimension text in the digital model.

Here is a recent article in ArchitectureWeek titled Parametric Propagation of Form which relates parametric modeling specifically to the field of architecture.

Nick Easton, NAA (not an architect)
Recent 3D CAD background is 2 years of mechanical CATIA and 4 years of CATIA 3D architectural design as a CATIA design contractor to Frank Gehry & Associates (Gehry Partners) in Santa Monica CA.

Started in architectural design with a year on the Guggenheim Bilbao, resumed with the Experience Music Project in Seattle and smaller Gehry projects, then worked until last summer on the Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles.

Currently self-training and developing training tutorials and educational materials on CATIA V5; looking to participate in 3D architectural design/engineering, training and tutorial development as a contractor with own CATIA V5 licensed workstation.

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