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Posted by  eileen on February 02, 2003 at 13:20:13:

In Reply to:  Traditional Buildings posted by Mostafa on January 07, 2003 at 02:19:28:

Interesting challenge.

You might try this as a more cost effective alternative:
Based on an assumption that the courtyard is a covered one.

A combination of theatrical, lighting & conventional projection screen technologies. You can create an environment suitable to complete controlled lighting in a variable and naturally lit covered courtyard.

Process would involve using a combination of large polarizing filters. I would suggest contacting a manufacturer of photographic filters and find the largest material as it is produced. The characteristics of polarizers when conventionally applied to photography is to remove glare on a reflective surface. Typically, when shooting a pic of a person in a car, with a polarizer you can adjust the reflection so that you can see the person inside the car, and the reflection is removed.

If you stack two and rotate them into position you can eliminate all visible light. That particular scenario allows from a highly technical standpoint to shoot infrared film and shoot all non visible light within the sensativity range of the film (heat or other energy ranges). The angle of rotation in a location short of elminating all the light gives you a vast combination of lesser lighting situations. That might serve you well to create an environment where you can use the ceiling as a projection venue for the images on a large scale.

There is also the opprotunity to allow for some natural light to exist at the wall periphery of the courtyard. It could be an elegant manipulation of the environment.

You can potentially create a canopy of interlocking filters (best done radially) that serve as a ultra sophisticated shade control of sorts.

It the face of the bottom filter has a suitable surface that is somewhat matte or another fine scrim is rotated into position, you can then use a large format projection device (DVD - video projection tv) to provide the imagery desired by the client.

The overall size could be accomodated without the digital pixelized imagery that a large scale application of your job would entail. Most of the big video projection displays are not meant to be viewed from the (close) distance that a are typical of residential application.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Also, I have some artwork that might visually satisfy the goals of the client in another way that I can send along.

Good luck.

Eileen Ruth Webb

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