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Posted by  Maroun,Abdo-architect on February 03, 2003 at 04:49:34:

One will be astonished how this large number of students and large number of universities could not result a substantial good quality of architectural buildings and enviromnent.The Lebanese who are being graduated from Japan,Europe, and USA,did not alter the situation,quite the contrary,they simply joined the club.From my simple and short experience,serious architects are few ,very few.They hard to be noticed in any occasion.
The Lebanese students are usually good quality individuals simply because they think that in order not to be left behind they have to be exposed to every school of tought,even the trendy ones.However,this openness, as it seems ,is eclectic and transparent.There is no integration,no solid reason ,no constructive objective analysis behind their shapes.How can one interpret the 2000 AC elevation , 2000 BC Greek entrance,17th century Italian pitched roof and Japanese vernacular details are all combined together to form a "new building". By the same experience,how can one mind produce diameterical opposite forms in short notice, to an extent you believe that they belong to a group of architects.To make the picture even more blare,the achitects who are well known are either supported by their dad who is old in the profession and he knows the trade,and nobody dares to challenge his status,or a student who is marketed by his professor who hope that his pupil will fullfill his own unmet dreams,or a simple academic marketing competition.
To have an architect who is main concerned is his integrity with design ,is out of the question.
Serious architects are squeezed by the bounderies of socio-political segmentation of the Lebanese structure.They are under attack by the academia cirles whose prestige is gained by their titles-Ph.D and not their work.They are being neglected by the absent minded clients who are expert in chosing the right styles from many home oriented magazines.And they stand helpless against the new obscure references of style brought from "the outside."
Hence, they withdrew from the profession.They "give up instead of giving in".They enjoy here and then from some lectures and edifices.They could not find a place to fit in.They usual remark "let this society gets what it deserves.Few will succeed to flee the country to the New World for a better chance.One have said "at least here I am measered what I can do."
These Architects are source of hatred among their peers.The latter indulge themselves in intellectual analysis of how the former eventhough they are lucky they have endlless serious of mistakes on microscopic scale and social ones.To climb the ladder of fame they attack the upper ones rather move themselves up.They look like everyone but no one,they make a noise instead of a clear voice,they promote shapes without souls,they explain the misdeeds with a long excuses list.
It seems now that few are willing to pay the price of being oneself
they have just postponed the problem.

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