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Posted by  Per Corell on February 05, 2003 at 03:41:38:

In Reply to:  ArchWeek - What is the Culture of Building? posted by Kevin Matthews on February 05, 2003 at 00:42:33:

It is difficult to argue with what this text say, it is true that these icons show the direction and it is important that these structures are build to show visions out of our daily life, but from this point I have to admit that I se this article talking around and avoiding some of the true troubles ,esp. those we allway's make jokes about when more than one architect are gathered.
Now I do not critic the formworks of Bilbao, what I critic is the saying that "this new design" show this or that, as first of all it is not new, beside truely this is a fantastic building, but it rest on an outdated technology ,and the technology producing the building do not repersent a direct link to production, beside being a break thru in terms of visionary building and material handeling it shuld be copied around the world ,as othervise it is just an icon, ---- some distant goal that did not promote a cheap and easy technology and somthing real new.
Now please don't think I don't agrea with most critics, about how nice this building is, but I need to ask queastions like if this realy is the icon we want to se, if the technology realy was so revolusionising, and I must agrea that my tools to ask these questions are rather primitive and proberly they will be a joke when architects gather, ------ still not nessery when engineers come together.
You se I ask what is underneath the metal formworks, while if there is a tradisional building structure I must agrea that I se no use of high-tech as just Decor. Truely a building must reflect it's use, but the honesty of a structure then also must count, and this mean no lookalike but a structure as the result of the tools and materials avaible . Reson I say so is my personal view about this, ---- that high-tech shuld not just be fake tin hats or look alike but that methods must be develobed and then _these_ will show the Vision ; not the other way around.
My attitude is the other way around most architects, as I focus on the tools first to "se" what these can bring. My aproach are different than architects, as I do not focus on the forms and don't care how these are brought to life, ------- as I know that then there will be no progress in the technology but just a choice among those avaible.
Those avaible when Bilbao was projected was the early mesh structures any computer program can put together, ----- but these do _not_ link projecting and building the actural design ,as there are no direct link to production. Now architects don't bother about this fact, as then we have engineers to handle this, but isn't this why progress is so slow ?
So again , I find Bilbao nice ------ but why is it than when somone want to show you architects the tool that make a building a whole and not a tradisional structure with a bit high-tech Decor , then everyone get offended and blind to the arguments somone _have_ to put forth. Shuldn't a modern structure reflect purity in it's structure.
Shuld the tools that allow architects a new aproach be overheard just becaurse architecture is a social game.
We had technology avaible on P.C. level less than 20 years and architecture already gained from this new tool, unfortunatly the tools was not develobed enough to offer the right link to production, and unforturnatly it seem that whenever you want to show better way's to perform the actural building element for a modern building, you are seen as somone who critic the settled Icons, their makers or the institusion that had just this or that building put together by an army of craftmen.
This is how it is, that even you progress a method that work around all the troubles with what most architects "think" is top technology, then your words are fast forgotten, as you been critisising one of the icons.
You want modern buildings and a true new form language, then give the new technologies a chance, even they perform much better, than the ones said to be "the" new technology 30 years ago.
But offcaurse a method that make an end to tons of documentation on paper don't have a chance ,we only "talk" about the new technologies that only will have a chance, when put forth in the right social inviroment. ------
There are plenty new and true Digital building methods that acturly work, why is it they don't have a chance even everybody know that you can build at a third the cost, somthing four times as strong only halve the trouble producing and assembling. Everyone know the massive trouble with mesh entity structures and that the reson these don't catch on, is the huge cost and missing link to production, everyone know that what we need is new technology ,jobs and progerss, ---- still even at WTC site, the focus is icons rather than progressing technology. This oppotunity of the century soon end as a social game to, leaving the technology that shuld have the main role, as a servant for social needs ,rather than being the tool to bring this bright future.
The culture of building are these of protecting the craft.

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