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Posted by  Per Corell on February 06, 2003 at 11:04:58:

In Reply to:  Re: young and modern to old and respected posted by Manuel Oliveros on February 06, 2003 at 10:09:28:

You are quite right ,old guy's are wrickled and snap word unless they "Eh,,," ignore you all.
Now fame art true and I guess there are an idear being remembered, still who say, and on the perspective of "what". Anyway Im'e way out of these references, as I deal in building methods and ponies, whenever Im am in good mood ans everything go nice, Im'e not very talksom and don't trust the milkman not even Bill Gates, --------
You can do a lot of direct link architecture with steel sheets and wrinkleworks, it's testet you se.
It build as strong as hell, that it need a hell to show then please why do no one want easyer math. courses. Why shuldn't you be able to design your house at a third the cost, anywhere in the world with sheet materials, four times as strong ;))
Guess the time to exchouse to the group, and promise more accurancy, still why shuld this be different than any arts, this one about a bright future ,my obsession with this true Digital framework, in cheap russian steel sheets assembled with a crane. Covered with sheetworks or forming the forms for a concrete framework with build in digitals.
If the young get the chance to follow the advise of the old they never become middle age seen only by the childs, But seriously who want boggy, ------- The young tallented architects, simply must _not_ use optimised N.C. code producing formworks.
And I agrea ; if no one think this is important then architecture proberly continue neo classic or brickvise ontop a legoworks, this is nice and are being build, even I wonder why it need be so expensive projected, but who care, ugly is not ugly and arts is social skills ; true.
Problem with these young ones is, that they are not serious and arts is a more serious thing the more you deal with it ; thats why I do visions not actural designs but sketches. Still the structures will arise in front you, projected as this design tool provide ; you can have a Cabin at much lower cost, many times stronger, still even buildings move as crafts if they are strong enough, where if you seen a few cheap houses being broken apart showing the fade "framework" , you must remember that you get what you pay.
Maby all the young architects think this is about WTC where the issue is another place the knirking ones have a clue about and the middleage don't even know.
My obsession of this issue proberly have european roots, but if you read the Saga's , the islandish that is, you know that things be different than you think or se , parents with handicapped childrens have a hell while a crowd of useless office people wanted their children be office people instead of somone doing the task. Parents are in the way of box thinking arangements, offering the unthankfull parents a whole box of whine, when all they ask is a soda, now even when you complain thru the ministeries, and they press the button as hush as possible the parents are left with none of what they ask ; somthing solving the problem at a fraction the costs.
Shuld somone like me even make architecture or be designer and provide building methods , You Romans think that working in groups don't work making Icons, maby true but why do the intire education systems, then provide skilled students ; acturly I lost this much about tradisional architecture debate, that I from now will say, that the young shuld have the tools, to produce whatever. ------- in the sheet material avaible wherever. Shuld it be good or ,---

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