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Posted by  Per Corell on February 08, 2003 at 05:51:22:

In Reply to:  Building structure by the press of a button posted by Per Corell on February 08, 2003 at 05:05:26:

Generating the whole assembly of building compoments by the press of a button differ very much from the early idears of geostatic structures. Where geostatic structures form an shell structure with emty spaces, the idear of 3D-H is to generate the actural interiors in an assembly that as side effect create the exact same form as the geostatic structures.
Now I know I am up against centuries of develobing the tradisional methods into perfection, ----- but with the interduction of computers what we seen, been rather the old methods rewritten into a computer program, and what I hear concerning critics, is critics seen from the tradisional way of thinking ; please don't get offended, but the critics often is the same as asking the inventor of the car, where the hey blocks for the horse is supposed to be stored.
Critisising a new building method, shuld not be based on protecting the settled methods, but concerning 3D-H ,much of the critics is.
"It look as a waffle" ; -------- well then what, if you remove the fake brickwork from the modern buildings I se around you rather se a waffle than those ugly concreteworks covered with fake brickworks , so is this a relevant critic ?
"It is not documented the way tradisional methods are" ; --- well it can not be as it is a new and very different aproach to production, and most "documentation" of tradisional structures simply is not needed when there is a direct link to production.
"You can not prove it is strong enough" , ------- now if I had these 300 years that the tradisional methods had to evolve , there be no doubt the 3D-H method would have a chance, but the vorse hassle is acturly the academics, and the idear that future architecture all must be Lego works, As you all know I taken numorous different volumes , from the simplest cabin to the emty WTC towers, and to prove the method, I published the results generating these as raw structures in an assembly 3D-H framework.
With the WTC build around I promoted the idear of emty volumes and build arounds since the collapse of the WTC in words and graphics, and the towers I promote work this way, that they are subtracted the structure that replace the arears lost, beside being "stamped" into a lower structure that then cover a much bigger arear, these towers generated in a "ligth" 3D-H structure will act as catedrals and offer an entrance to the structure. My Towers are open and not a closed box, the opening reach from top to bottom so you se into the halve towers that is subtracted the structure.
Here are the Towers generated in 3D-H, --- please note in what way they are "open";

But please se, that this is only a part of the whole structure you se at the graphics ; ------- please check where this part fit into a much greater structure at ;

I place a link to a "Testbench group" where if you spend the time and check the folders in the Photos folder, you will se how I worked with the idear of leaving the lost buildings as emty spaces, this idear I been promoting on web and usenet since I promoted the WTC build around , as the oppotunity of the century , for progress, new jobs and a Vision that reach further ,by promoting a new building method ; as simple as that, sorry I am no academic.

Graphics like this simply do not cover the intire structure framework ;

But what is you supposed to produce ; is the demands as high for any academic who produce a nadn made drawing ?? --- Guess this is a reasoable question, when talk is about the trouble new visions must face.

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