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Posted by  Per Corell on February 09, 2003 at 01:38:53:

In Reply to:  Re: Building structure by the press of a button posted by ken on February 08, 2003 at 12:40:53:

Sorry the short ansver, you write ;

"We know about about the direct production from cad to mill
this is not revolutionary. What would be revolutionary, is if this was actually a developed method.

Well these are two didderent aproaches ; I was recently asked about producing a 3D model for a boat, that shuld be milled by a huge mill for a bundle of money. Now please se how "new technology" here is used not on it's own but to support the even older idear to produce a plug to make a glasfiber form ; is it new technology to spend a farm for a block of polystyrene to get a foam boat ,just to replace an army of skilled craftmen with an enourmous expensive 3D router ?
------- This is just making a technology that evovelde at the same time as the mesh domes, support a tradisional manufactoring method , beside this is not about being revolusionary ; this is not my fuel.

You say ;
"YOu talk in a very generalized manner, as in their are numerous reasons for 20 different steel types and similar reasons would apply even with the most amorphic of systems."

I am very accurat when I point to what a 3D-H replace, I tell why and how and I even place graphics, ------ Sure there is many resons in the tradisional to use 20 different beams, now this is not the tradisional and if you place any steel beam in a 3D-H assembly it would be like placing a brick at a welder ; please don't critic the inventor of the car that he did not make room for the hey, as there _are_ no horse. ---- Then why critic 3D-H on the basis of what you know about the tradisional steel beam method nomatter there are a "reson" for steel beams in the tradisional, you must se that with intergrated framework these aer replaced with a uniform material ; how can this not mean a cost reduce.

You write;
"It may be a structural equation, so why dont you go into an engineering forum and deal with these issues. see Eero Saarinen TWA at New Yorkfor a real visionary engineer who uderstood architecture

Now there are a difference fiddeling surface structures as geostatic dome structures, so the cells display likevise all over the surface. What been seen as enginering among architects since Bilbao ,been develobing glass geostatic dome structures with increadible expensive goldplated stainless steel fittings, for some 90 pct. Now your advise for me to copy somone else to be an engineer remind me, about what I had to tell those people who wanted a foam plastic ship, "as that is how we allway's did this" , a foam ship at the cost of a farm milled in 3D is _not_ new technology it was also develobed 30 years ago, ----- with the same money I could have produced 10 boat hulls but in another but being a boatbuilder I know a better technike, still don't you think new inventions allway's met this sort of critics ; ------- can mashines fly when done from iron , will steel ships not sing made from steel, the computer have only a future of round 1000 around the world.
Please don't critic new technoikes for not carrying the hey for the pony, the pony or the steel beams is maby not needed, and the structures of the new technike can easyli be 4 times as strong, and with uniform material and uniform production a third the cost.
Fact is that 3D-H make a direct link to production, you can project the structure directly on the screen, and it offer all the qualities being asked, ------- but you will not make me step backwerts focusing on geostatic emty shells as this is about what geostatic shells do not bring ; the structure.

Per Corell
Nice talking to you

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