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Posted by  Per Corell on February 15, 2003 at 12:15:45:

In Reply to:  Re: Saving an International Style Building posted by Kevin Matthews on February 15, 2003 at 11:33:36:

Then having lived in the 70' with a reasoable age seem ignorant, then no 70' will harm the inviroment ; still if you want it in a modern building method the method in itself shuld count, the tools to, the reson for saving a style anyway shuldn't affect the method, unless this had a problem, being a better alternative. Boxes and triangles unioned and subtracted work much better in 3D-H structure, and the shapes don't define any cylindreds and standard boxes. Drawing up the framework for a framework building, is doing frames, frames produce form, material what ever. Anyway if all you will save is buccle and pyramides, then make them hollow and tenfold the cost, with the tradisionel building methods. 3D-H acturly make the thing, but as interconected rings.
Put a unique or nice building into the right inviroment allway's harmed, as war against a corrupt gangster and dictator, is what this is. Lastes history describe the start of a pirat state ; are anyone questioning the value of this. Isn't this what we shuld fight, that public demands overule a bad politics. This is what is wrong about Romans, you agrea as you se a better way into progress and new economy. ---- New is easy, just invest in that what is what you want.
How can anyone not agrea, what this is about everyone even want new technologies . I simply don't like the hero's in american movies, in the criminal films arts, gangsters leave me easy, as I known a few myself ;))
But no ; as most americans, I don't totaly accept all kinds of deals, But who am I. Can't even get an intire city together in a proposal, no place to post it, maby no one even care , ------- this time they took out a tank, as they was angry somone spoke peace. Arafat tierd of all trouble say "ok" here is the best man I can find make him make it better", or somthing like that , they get so bad they blow up specialy designed device as if this is about not selling less small arms ?
Who would be angry about peace when all options is there as allway's.
Beside anyone know what a pyramide is, then I guess modern building methods shuld be an important issue. ----- If you _can_ build a third the cost, four times as strong, is this or is it not an option. You rather bet.
I guess a state like C. could be of quite a potential, while the society evolve , I simply never understood that one, about communism being better than a gangster world. Esp. an intire island with a local hero . You call this communism, I do not care as se what it replaced.
The intire world initialy responded ,now U.S.A. is already grown far from this instance. Saving an original building in a building inviroment shuld not be difficult, if the frigate is rocking in the wind, then de construction get a different meaning as storing a building _could_ be an investing in the future, restoring whatever in an even stronger and proberly better looking style, will be easy in 3D-H replacing the intire volumes done much cheaper with a cheaper building method.
Making peace with Cuba make no sense ?
Ofcaurse it do, it will raise the will for peace in the intire world.

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