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Posted by  Per Corell on February 22, 2003 at 12:28:06:

In Reply to:  Re: World City Center - a design concept for the WTC site posted by hsamedin on February 22, 2003 at 10:04:33:

You are quite right, churches seem to promise a better future for designers doing cheap Digital 4 times as strong, ---- my concern is why torture the world with a slow decision.
The choice never will be more narrow, it have to be wide. Huge and work, the steelworks and concrete works long was covered as if you couldn't make the Crysler building at a third leaving most of what you se as the actural building, and make it last 20 times, by replacing an ugly steel structure you anywan don't se.
You Romans are better building bridges than pyramides, you don't even know your friends you claim. Right, ---- you got friends why.
What about a hologram pallas with a simple real steel floor within a true hologram about a structure ; you could sell many steel stairs where the buyer saw a 3D-Hologram , kind of a different aproach about blueprints anyway.
My latest option about the wtc site, was a structure I pointed to, in a greater but very flexible inviroment of building elements shown and rendered in real ,with relevant CAM option doing building elements at a third the cost, four times as strong. Make this a lesson about pyramides then you know why building engineers do the brickwork ,but ok Digital is maby just making the more paperworks.
I havn't worked my proposal with the aditions that will provide what is asked, it will work can be made slow, will be safe and have the resistance a fallen glass pallas will never provide ; low cost and flexibility .
Please make up your mind and do it right, doing it wrong is expensive twice doing right is doing right all the time just start like this.
The intire world responded , this is the whole world responded shuld soon yield a decision or a messeage about this that effected most of the population on earth. Why shuld the towers or a reflection of the impack of the towers not provide progress and jobs, if what is needed is investing in progressive technology. Why keep loosing money on pyramides when what ever pointing to new technology and progress will be somthing most non living in the arear would think.
What this learned me, was that the true decisions shuld be taken local and the job of the designer must be a listening one , quite nice if you are lazy ;))
This is how I provided, a method, a reson a promise a promise about a bright future.
There will be no towers just the impack in the low structure ,this will change a lot and there will be an arear infront the sites and antike structures distributated within, this time a bit more nice ;))

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