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Posted by  Gary R on February 27, 2003 at 11:58:28:

In Reply to:  Re: PC at Design Community? Nah! Surely Not! posted by Richard Haut on February 27, 2003 at 11:35:14:

Richard, there you go again. Now, as a Scots-Irish descendant, I find that particularly offensive. Most Americans, if they know anything at all about "the troubles" in Northern Ireland are appalled by the situation and have nothing but the sincerest wish that peace return to the British Isles. Most Americans are of similar heritage as myself, and we don't like to see our ancestral homeland in such turmoil. Please, don't lump us all together with a few cranks and nuts, most of whom live in Boston and New York. People in the rest of the country want the violence to end, and so do I.

The issue is not whether there was any connection between 9/11 and Hussein's Iraq. The issue is defending the world against terrorism, wherever it exists. That is what we said we would do, just after 9/11 occurred, and that is ALL this is about. It doesn't matter whether or not Iraq was behind the WTC attack. Iraq has been wrongly commandeered by a tyrant who has enslaved his people in a police state; a polic state that is one of the most dangerous sponsors of international terrorism in the world. That, plus the fact that Iraq remains defiant of UN Resolution 1441, is all that is necessary to justify military action. It is clear that these farcical "inspections" have acheived absolutely nothing and that Sadaam Hussein is not diassarming as ordered, and has not intention of doing so, whether we send a million "inspectors." The UN has proven itself to be completely impotent and it is, as such, no longer a ruling body whose authority need be respected.

"Has your country even bothered to have a full investigation of the greatest crime ever on US soil, 9.11?"

I believe that investigation is currently pending. Meanwhile, we know a great deal, already, about who is responsible. If you paid any attention to the news, either from the U.S., or in Britain, I'd think that much should be obvious.

The FBI doesn't have a clue as to who is behind the anthrax attacks in Florida. First indictions (and I still believe this most likely) were that the anthrax came from - guess where? - Iraq. Since then, the FBI has second-guessed itself into a red-herring chase for "domestic" terrorists. Funny, they don't seem to have further leads on that.

Now that we know where each of us stands on this issue, can we please get back to the discussion of architecture and give everyone a rest?


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