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Posted by  eileen on February 28, 2003 at 08:15:58:

In Reply to:  Re: PC at Design Community? Nah! Surely Not! posted by Gary R on February 28, 2003 at 06:51:49:

actually the CIA thing with Iran is very enlightening. The young Shah was brought it to assist US oil interests. They to a great degree let him run the place as long as they got what they wanted at the price they wanted. The Shah later on decided that when oil prices and contracts were up for renegotiation that he wanted fair market pricing. Imagine that, how American?? could that be????

Well, the US interests (which at this point were very multinational) sort of delivered an ultimatum. Cheap oil for US or out the door you go.

Out the door he went. In with the Ayatollah exile living in France just across the Channel from Britain. British Petroleum who now runs the show. Governments run by puppets have puppet handlers. Change of governments in Iran was really nothing other than a change of who is the oil dealer for the Iranian authorities. I noticed a tremendous growth of BP stations in their signature yellow and green in the 80's but did not understand. I was educated by all the intelligent individuals who managed to leave Iran when the getting was good. Educated Iranian Bahai's, Jews and Muslims and people of mixed religious backgrounds which were quite common, they fled enmasse, because they knew that it was about oil and nothing else. Claim a peoples revolution in the Western media when it was something far different.

Years later...............
First thing Bush did on Dec. 21, 2000, the very day when the new Karzai govt. was installed in Afghanistan was sign an exclusive oil agreement with Kryzekistan (sic). It was buried in a two paragraph article in the business section of the San Francisco paper.

A different govt/non-Taliban regime in Afghanistan will eventually be used to facilitate a pipeline to deliver oil overland to the Indian Ocean from the Caspian basin reserves. American oil interests courted the Taliban for a couple of years and were spurned suitors in their pipeline plans. Very patient, planned activities.

It was the tiniest article you could imagine and I never heard it on the radio or TV. It almost slipped right by without my notice. The timing was more than coincidental.

What is politically correct about manipulations of the press and lying to the public, telling them nice little stories they want to hear unstead of the blunt truth of the way things are done day to day by people in control? Authoritarian control and democratic representation are two distinct and separate things. There is a lot of muddled overlap.


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