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Posted by  d on February 28, 2003 at 09:50:38:

In Reply to:  Re: PC at Design Community? Nah! Surely Not! - Let's all be civil posted by Richard Haut on February 27, 2003 at 11:51:43:

G.H.Hardy said that mathematics was the only subject about itself.
Architecture seems to be the only subject about everything but itself.

So here are some “architectural” notes:

(1) Many have said we are where we are now because the last US election was illegitimate.
But this is more complex than that.
The election was a tie and so had to be decided by someone; the Supreme Court did it.
However, it has been conveniently forgotten , especially by Democrats, that if their friend Ralph Nader had not run, Al Gore would very likely have won by a noticeable margin.
So a very important question, in figuring out how we got where we are now, concerns how Nader happened to run, and who funded that run.
The first conspiratorial layer, of course, proposes that Republicans secretly funded Nader as a “spoiler”.
On a deeper level, however , it seems to me that it was some Democrats, who deliberately funded Nader (and other things) to ensure that President Bush would win.
But why would Democrats want Bush to win?

(2) I don’t know- I am not an architect.


For many years-since the days when Ian Fleming wrote ‘Thunderball”- there was a tacit understanding on the part of international geopolitical students that we would reach someday a “tipping point” in the control of dangerous weapons.
It was also understood -again, by international academics- that that time would challenge all conventions of due process, all norms of international law - all civilised behaviour, in short.

I believe that all parties- Left, Right, whatever- have long concurred in this; one disagreement, I suspect, was over when that time would come.
I imagine that, like all humans in power since Ancient times, officials felt that some singular event would be the “omen” that would announce that the day had arrived.

In the year before the last US presidential election, some such “omen” must have occurred; the peculiarites of that election probably reflect the intense hedging that went on right up until Election day.
I think that the job of addressing this particular challenge, was what the election was about, and that the choice of Bush over Gore was simply a judgement of which one would be a more decisive ( less intellectual) pilot as we enter these troubled straits.
The real surprise, of course , could be that President Bush may have his own, private and intellectual vision of the task .

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