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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on February 28, 2003 at 13:54:15:

In general, these are challenging times for the moderation of this forum - and for thoughtful conversations around the world. The global crises of terrorist threat, imperial adventure, and a diversity of impassioned assent and dissent affect us all deeply - as they should. The world situation may not be ignored. Yet neither will it be allowed to swamp the ongoing collective consideration of design, building, and architecture in this forum.

Let's review the basic posting rules for this Architecture Forum:

Architecture Forum · Rules for Participants

  • This forum is for technical and philosophical discussion of architecture, planning, design, building, and ArchitectureWeek.
             For other subjects, please see all the DesignCommunity Forums.
  • This forum is open to anyone for appropriate participation.
             The priviledge of participation may be revoked for any reason by the Forum Moderators.
  • Postings related to the specific needs and topics of architecture students should go to our Architecture Students Forum.
  • Postings related to specific computer tools should go to our Open 3D Forum or DesignWorkshop 3D Forum.
  • Postings related to commercial messages, including jobs or services wanted or offered, should go to our AEC Marketplace Forum.
  • Postings which are off-topic, rude, plagiarized, otherwise without copyright permission, or otherwise inappropriate are subject to deletion without notice.

    In addition to those most basic rules, as moderator of last resort for this forum I will remove messages as I see fit to prevent promulgation of factual error, to prevent embarassment or insult to the forum or to undeserving participants and third parties, or simply to prevent excessive domination by participants with a deficit of self-restraint.

    For instance, already today I see a string of seventeen consecutive postings, in which thirteen come from one person, with only four intervening comments from four other people. That pattern, which has been all-too-typical here in the last few days, could be the 'type specimen' of excessive domination by one insensitive person.

    Gary R, in a short time at this forum you have posted, among other things, vaulable contributions, shallow chit-chat, flat-out incorrect factual assertions, slurs and insults to various groups, and a series of complaints about forum administration. You seem to consider yourself a world authority on almost every point raised. All together, it is too much.

    On balance, by my assessment you have taken up more time, space, and collective attention than is balanced by the depth of your positive contributions.

    If you would like to continue participating in this forum, then for the time being, and until further notice, please limit yourself to adding a maximum of one message (either new posting or response) per day in any one of the forums.

    My hope is that confronting such a quota will help you focus your contributions in the areas which are most deeply important to you, which should benefit the forum as a whole.

    If you want to discuss this, you are invited to write to me directly at "".

    Thank you,

    Kevin Matthews
    Editor in Chief

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