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Posted by  Per Corell on March 05, 2003 at 13:14:57:

In Reply to:  Re: how do we classify MODERN architecture? when does it start? posted by Gary R on March 05, 2003 at 09:35:57:

It shuld be easy to count the technologies and projecting tools from before computers took over the control.
If this control ask you to design in a very limited way, is a challance about your profesional goals ; with Digital it been my experience, that the tradisional metods rewriten into an application bring no new , how could it anyway.
The direct link between projecting and manufactoring the actural individual different framework assembly is more important than how to translate lyrics about a bright future into a new WTC build structure, Why not drive the roadgrid seperatly into the WTC site, preparing walls and framework for future expantion.
The concrete steel grid as it is, _is_ the weakest type of 3D-Honeycomb structure ; the one present and standard of today. When projecting with 3D-H you suddenly achived structures with 3 times the expected strength, Roads and streets can be tubed thru the structure and the road tubes -- barge-bridge sections can be designed very flexible as 3D-H structures they even be cheap and nice.

About the architectural issues I am still confused, as when I se the options, a designer must realise the "material" formed in a sectioning function 3D-Honeycomb vise.
Using the 3D-Honeycomb method as design tool work perfect, and with my background in tradisional wooden boats building, I can relate the method being unique and everything a designer shuld need, ----- producing almost anything at a third, four times as strong.
Why shuld the original street grid be a problem when it in a framework based structure, become even more effective, You need a lot of designers and craftspeople to reinvent the Gotic Catedrals or a modern Jugend style, yet you Romans don't want digital ,when it become a profit, ------- sorry to the group that I havn't placed an upside down 4 corner pyramide shell , hovering on it's own scale framework in the photos folder in the testbench group but some politic maniac placed an offensive flag burning mail in one of my 3D-H promotion groups about Pavilions so even you are a good designer, you are supposed to spell buildings.
Anyway it surely would be nice to lead the streets crossing the site into building-bridges ; eh bridge buildings or buildings being carried by a framework supporting a few road decks. As I develobed B-B I have my own model to place within a WTC structure Still why do I care.

From my idear, what clasify and describe somthing new and exiting is that it is _not_ just the known and already develobed technikes rewritten into an application. That doing the same, just much faster and remembering each door block is this the pointer to somthing obviously different, what is acturly wrong with a direct link to production, bet arts havn't changed since 1905 the same battle for beauty and the same pyramide.

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