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Posted by  Sunaabh on March 09, 2003 at 10:13:20:

In Reply to:  Architect who...? My contractor does it better posted by Sunaabh on March 07, 2003 at 10:04:21:

All right, I'll try and make this to the point.

There are two reasons why I chose to start with a tinge of ambiguity.

First : I wanted to know how similar is the conditions we practice in our Country to the rest of the World.
Second : More Important of the two, To know if its time we stipulate a degree in Engineering, Architecture or a minimum "Qualifying Standard" for Building Contractors.

The original posting, emanated in a arena of building activity applauded and watched by an audience blissfully singing and dancing to an aria of mis-conception mis-information and ignorance. The Venue, a Southern Asian Peninsula of Global Importance. The performers: ... The "BRAIN" and "ARMS"

I'm talking of a place where "Bhuj and Gujarat quake Collapses" are preferred to be remembered as results of natural calmity, and the fury of nature and Gods than the failure of technology...

A place where floors after floors are built on foundations insufficient for even a one storey structure.

A place where RCC framed structure is like an expensive gizmo.

A place where Building Regulations exists but only on paper.

A place where the strength of money is stronger than the strength of concrete.

A place where any Tom, Dick and Harry, educated or uneducated, can build as long as he has blessings of all who matter and ofcourse money.

A place where bench marks in construction industry, quality, workmanship and materials means the same as letters in black to a buffalo.

A place where optimisation on the "already optimised", is the way to go...

A place where the status of an Architect is reduced to that of mere a signatory who could be done away with, if his signature was not mandatory for approvals of building plans and sanctions.

A place where Violations of Building Regulations are strictly prohibited, but when there is one, like as it always happens, it can be regularised by paying a paltry penalty.

A place Where Building regulations are armed with ifs and buts to bail one out of irregular constructions.

A place where even the Govt. thinks that if all the occupants of an apartment collectively agree to the proposal of adding additional floors to the existing structure, it can be done, no matter what the ground realities may be.

A place where "Archeetets" are presumed to be a breed of copycats indulging in intellectual plagiary, who amongst other activities can be found poring over books on Greek and Roman architecture, when stirred, can sting like roused hornets in terms of professional fees...

The list is endless, and sadly, to remain in the rat race, the fraternity, instead of boycotting such irregular practice, is succumbing to the pressures from Powerful Builders who [if considered an integral part of the building mechanism], are in a way blackmailing from within. Movements of limbs not conforming to their purpose may cause arthritis in the long run, Sadly then, even a small movement of the limb will be a pain for ever...

May be its time we amalgamate the two integral disciplines in the trade and define a minimum level of education and qualification to be a builder. No matter how much a fitter may day-dream on ways to drill and make holes, he still can't substitue a dentist just the way a dentist, who is free to think the world of the best mixes to fill a tooth cavity, can't specify a mix for the mortar used to lay bricks. Either way it will be playing with precious lives. But more than any thing else, I guess, first of all we need think over on our attitude so that we are accepted in the society as a specialised lot instead of a breed who tell you just what you had in your mind, and, all you were looking for was this someone who could give you just the "idea" if what you were thinking of is right or wrong ;) ....

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