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Posted by  Per Corell on March 13, 2003 at 11:40:59:

In Reply to:  Re: how sustainable is sustainable? posted by sandra D'urzo on March 13, 2003 at 08:07:10:

Then relying with new methods is the gut's you fail.
Now I know 3D-H make even pyramides "stronger" , as the way they are carved is no structural wonder, concerning structural strength but you definitly will get a more earthquake safe structure, breaking a building structure up ,into a 3D-Framework structure, honeycomb or just huge cheap concrete frames ; save the roof, just build the structur big enough and there will be dry at ground level.
Also the fact that this ask a visionary mind to ask a great profit, and there I can show my graphics then when I say this cost a fraction but maby cost benefit don't touch your emagination , then why do you complain instead of create what you ask and expect.
WTC is the perfect promotion for a trust in future and a will for peace and progress. ------- You can solve whatever target group, concerning effective livings, but 3D-H make this into history --- then why shuld old Inches and meters even count, when you start doubting the genious idear of boxframed standard steel/concrete boxworks and beside why shuldn't art do mankind a faviour bringing the technologies maby 20 years ahead ; my dayli feeling about promoting 3D-H :((
No one want to make money show honesty and a will to profit. Even profit from what you agrea, that even WTC would be perfect as offspring of the impac of real 3D-Frameworks replacing expensive or heavy concrete, where sheets cut 2D can form any strong framework for anything.
Providing this seem no problem for me, still chiken don't want to bet, and odd's are never even , ------- But you maby expect to get feeded just opening your mouth ; that's just like the Romans who think so after you speaking to these. Now I am allready up my neck rumbeling the intire danish handicap politics, and my voice are clear.
This happen in denmark where artists allway's was poor and strong while some wierd forfarther didn't care anything. Is this the life of a dismantled idear about destribuating your craft's on the internet then I do this by free will.
Please don't think that new thinking and new idears need to look any like the bad old structureworks , you even have a chance to discover new possibilities by visual design tools ; deciding for a new structural system make new, make beautifull framework, and is effective on many levels not just one ; strength shuld add as you think understanding the basic idear of generating a strong framework automaticly as how 3D-H work ----- it even involve computers oposed tradisional Inch and Meter technology that can be produced on engineers rulers and architects pencils ; is this new technology then atleast your choice will decide your trust ; future allway's was bright .Choce 3D-H if you dare but this also reflect what you belive or not, and if you don't want good strong safe cheap framework as no one want it then this method is maby 20 years ahead.
Lesson about this is, that 2D water cutters will be more and more, as they even drill cheaper than a steel dril, so suddenly the production are there and when a firm start to sell 2D sheet cut, at a reasoable price ( the one present ) , then 2-Plane frameworks will challance the cost of 3-Plane boxworks as in modern buildings generaly.
Bad that a Designer often have a life, where the strugle work on several planes to. Anyway what you expect are your choice ; no one make money with WTC if the offset make no sense in 4 years , it's getting spring in Dk. and there are a rush of activity I havn't joined for many years, and producing town of 3D-H allready asked to much trouble for one .
But if pyramides is what you Romans want to build, do go become egypsians for a while as long as the party stop when reality show a world in ruins ; this is not my wish nor my vision progress and new options in freedom is what I wish my family .
Anyway you don't need to ask about the method or the obvious system creating strong building structures ; 3D-H form a framework that theoreticaly will form as the earth wave created by a chock wave.
The frames are free to move even one section frame fover walls and floor supports, so one danger could be flying furniture or falling bad floors, where somone did the wrong attachment .
Now with WTC the question are ansvered with visions and new technology , but according to rebuilding just Afganistan will requier an economy feeding a war, ------- BTW ; with 3D-H it is possible to form a shuttle cover, micro cut and welded, formed so that heat at front are driven as expended gas to the bloody rear end where mixed with surrounding air. But You Romans want shuttles in plastic not a shuttle heat exchanger done in 3D-H invisible with next generation new technologies.
But you are chicken ?

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