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Posted by  Per Corell on March 23, 2003 at 03:55:30:

In Reply to:  Housing People not for Profit posted by David on March 22, 2003 at 12:19:27:

The shelters or houses are _not the problem , ----- how cheap do you want it to be ; figure this out and there will be 10 different way's to provide. Even in the old Soviet they experimented with fast build _and_ affordable housing and a few of those solutions would work nomatter where in the world, casting an intire wall in a hole in the ground making a house from 4 walls and a roof produced on spot, --- how difficult can it be ?
There are sand everywhere clay and chalk many places so how difficult can it be to develob a system where a crew of 4 will build a house in a week. But where shuld the guy working in a bank get his money and why shuldn't he have a place to live. --- Building a house for homeless is not about providing a cardboard box that will last for one person for one night , and providing housing for the homeless is just aswell a question of jobs and a place to store your money safe.
------ nomatter how small an income.
Now my oppinion proberly are rather naive, but I do not think that solving the problem for the homeless is just about building houses, as if this was the case there would be no problem.
So what is the "new" thing that would change all this , from my naive point of view building houses are just the side effect of new technology ,education jobs and progress ; this is what will solve the problems ,as when the homeless have a house then what.
Still the intire world profit from a number of new technologies then why shuldn't new and promising technologies not bring somthing more plesant than the Television , radio and cars ; only true progress is develobing peacefull means ---- that's another direction of technology develobing but one that add education and a contious use and decision about where and how to use what technology.
Now if you just asked a few houses to solve the problems here and now any architect can point to a number of solutions, but without education and true knowleage about the technologies avaible or even vorse as with conservative resistance about anything seen as hippie nonsense ,there will be no progress ------- just like just building the houses for the homeless shuld be just part of a bigger scale vision ; how will you gather a crew for each house to be build, do you think five or six working building a house shuld do this for free ? Shuld they build the houses as houses was build 200 years ago and then end the building process placing a television set.
Or would WTC rebuild acturly be the exact right option, to show the world that you can trust technology to solve all problems.
------- True this is my point of view, but don't you think that the houses build, shuld be individual houses slowly forming urban arears or rapidly transforming these into a better society with an inferstructure offering trust in future and education ; then shuldn't the houses be strong and earthquake safe ?

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