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Posted by  JWmHarmon on March 25, 2003 at 08:52:04:

In Reply to:  Re: I have 2 great ideas - Responsibility - Habitat for Humanity posted by Richard Haut on March 24, 2003 at 13:43:30:

As with any investment, one must always be on guard against the "bad guys." The savings and loan, Enron, and other scandals are a fact of life. These kinds of scandals are not unique to the USA. I am certain that you could point to other scandals in other countries, if you can find out about them. Sometimes the reporting of scandals are suppressed.

Investing in an education is exactly that - an investment. It is a choice. I am not sufficiently familiar with the details of getting an education in England, France, India, China or other countries to comment on education as I can about education in the USA. Beyond the high school level in the USA, further education is a choice. Without additional education, ones employment opportunities have some limitations. In the USA one can usually find some kind of job if one shows that he/she is a reliable worker. One can also improve one's skills by individual initiative. If one does not improve one's skills they often have to take a minimum wage job. Working for a minimum wage requires one to make lifestyle choices consistent with the low income.

I started my work life in high school with minimum wage jobs. I mowed lawns, worked in a gas station, worked in a theater serving popcorn, ushering, and cleaning up after those who didn't know the purpost of a trash can. I worked delivering pizzas and worked construction jobs after I had a little training.

I lived for a time in a run down second floor apartment that was consistent with my income. I worked to improve that apartment even though I didn't own it. The landlord was most appreciative. I saved my money and did without many things until I could afford a down payment on a derelict house in need of extensive repairs. I learned by reading and by asking questions how to make improvements in that humble "castle." I sought the help of those more knowledgeable to learn what to do next. And I worked hard. I also grew part of my own food as my parents and grandparents had done before me. I scrimped and saved to get money to further my education in order to get a higher paying job.

We all make choices. Going into debt for an education is an investment with its own costs and its own financial rewards. One should not be surprised that the return of that investment is not a fortune. Getting that education opens up opportunities that you would not otherwise have. But it is still a choice.

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