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Posted by  Richard Haut on March 25, 2003 at 12:42:27:

In Reply to:  Re: housing - personal and social responsibility posted by Kevin Matthews on March 25, 2003 at 10:10:42:


it is too late. The attack on Iraq is the start, not the end.

the debasing of the quality of life in a country like Britain, the undoing of every vestige of social structure, pride or respect are for the purpose of control.

Blair does not care what Brits say or do - he does not care about housing them, or education or pensions. He has another agenda - and decidedly non-British loyalties.

the latest anti-French statements from Blair (today) have nothing to do with Iraq. Blair means to attack France in any way that he can, because the French simply do not respond the way he demands.

a significant part of this has been the debasing of the professional. Just as Enron would have been frightened of an honest accountant so Blair was always terrified of an honest lawyer or judge. He has spent several years undermining the British judiciary for that very reason.

people's lives are now heavily stressed in Britain - they just want to get by. They cannot deal with yet more stress and trouble. To go on peace marches has been a big thing for them - but they need to do, and cannot do, more.

And America ? Executive Order 12333, signed by President Ford in 1976, and stating "Any official of the administration is prohibited from conspiring or involving themselves directly in assassination policies" has not been revoked.

Besides being in breach of the Fourth Convention of The Hague, signed in 1907, Messrs. Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney are guilty under AMERICAN law of conspiracy to murder and, probably, first degree murder for the assassination attacks on Iraqi leaders.

What are Americans doing about it ? Many are demonstrating and worrying what the hell is going on.

What can people do ? They can, if nothing else, do what an architect did when he returned from World War Two - the last surviving member of his large extended family. He gathered evidence. His name was Simon Wiesenthal.

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