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Posted by  steveA on March 27, 2003 at 08:01:00:

In Reply to:  Re: collapse of bombed buildings posted by Richard Haut on March 26, 2003 at 14:34:35:

It is not racism to use the same techniques as racists. Yes, the grandstanding is an unfortunate, but I think unavoidable part of this process. How else does one present a pending act of aggression? There has to be an enemy.
I think much of what has come out against France was a reaction (of dissappointment) to the perception that France's stance was based on its oil interests in Iraq which are threatened by war. The anger has quickly faded; there are bigger issues now. The people (and I mean Americans) will not harbor ill feelings towards France (more than the usual rift due to the vast gap between our cultures) for long. As for the Russian example, they have not been an adequate benchmark for many years. Their Afghan campaigns illustrate this.
The decision to invade Iraq has been a controversial one around the globe including here in the US. I think its justification is not based solely on UN non-compliance, or oil, or the liberation of the Iraqui people, or the threat of world wide terrorism, or the need for stability in the mid-east. It is all of this, and it is none of this. So it is controversial. But now that our friends, neighbors, and relatives are over there, we cannot debate it any further. We must support them.

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