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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on March 29, 2003 at 14:13:06:

In Reply to:  Re: collapse of bombed buildings posted by David on March 26, 2003 at 16:02:26:

Well, even if now that I am not a so frequent contributor to this forum I must not pass the occassion to show my opposition and profound distaste for the agressin Iraq is undergoing. I have never been friend of nasty guys like Saddam seems to be, and I have sustained over long years instructive and friendly relationship with lots of americans. My appreciation of the achievements of the USA and then of its people have stood over the years very high, but this can't not blind me about the realities implied in the currently ongoing policies of the present USA's Administration.

We are witnessing now in the World's chess play the act of USA attempting to eat Iraq after being eaten Afganistan and forcing the friendship (is that thing possible?) of Pakistan. Well, this reminds me other expansive policies in the past. Yesterday there were some would say menacing references to neighbor to Iraq Siria and Iran, and U2 flights 10 miles from the Russian frontier have scanned the Russian fields beyond the border, over Georgia. Pakistan and India both test nuclear capable missile, and Japan puts in orbit spy satellites for the first time. According to their sage experience, China stays quite silent.

Lots and lots or only purported "accidents" happen all over the world all involving say 100 fatal casualties, ammunition depots explode all over the world, new vessels in fabrication (steel hulls, should be!) get ablaze and many unbelievable explanations are put afoot to content the wish of the people that do not want to see what is before the eyes.

Then, this thing is still coming, not going. The travel may be long, the giant budgets for military operation attest. And peoples all over the world will be seen fighting for the ways they think propper to live. Others think that some demographic voids all over the world, say Africa, Asia, wouldn't be as bad (isn't that racism?).

As just part of the ongoing malaises, the general agreements of chivalrous and just behaviour (even in war and if there was sometime such thing) are blown to pieces by "preventive" wars, and policies that attest as the malasian president said, might is right, or stone age is back.

The first problem with these policies is that if being strong is the thing, maybe there's one that is more strong or determined than you.

The ssecond problem is that even if you manage to win with the destruction of lives and civilized customs, your cousin will stab you and you won't enjoy the fruits of evil.

And the third problem is that even if you manage to control such cousins, you will be brought by (my?) demons wherewer you better progress.

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