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Posted by  Per Corell on April 02, 2003 at 02:53:47:

In Reply to:  Re: and about time too posted by Manuel Oliveros on April 01, 2003 at 09:10:02:

You are quite right that this is growing quite a depressive issue.
If thiefs exebit their "work" and true develobment is undertaken from an idear of arts being degraded into a social game.
Guess you know my idear about the true role of artists , how they allway's was a tread to the established arts buisness, and how today when very few can overview the digital oppotunities have an even vorse time as equipment and proto types became expensive for the visionary artist , beside stealing is simpler than spending 17 years to get to know the tools and develob the arts into the digital millinium ; damned autodidacts who master this ,right.
Guess today I will go to the States workshop for arts and crafts and ask to get back my application for workshop space ; I filed an application to build proto types of a few of the structures you all seen in the scrapbook, ------ I produced 3 A4 sheets with a few good looking graphics to show the method and it's applications , and briefly described the theoretic issues and the "news value" about a true new Digital building method ,but.
When I was about to walk out the door after leaving the papers, I was told, that the States workshops workshop group that consist of only academics, now decided that you need to file in a CV. to.
---------- Eh, -- a CV. for a gifted autididact who tought himself to be a master boatbuilder and a autorisied application develober ????
One who shown allready that to build a boat and develob the programs to do this in a much more freely and accurate way ???
Anyway I filed in my application halve a year ago, and now I want my application back ; true academics invented everything but I just wonder where they got the idears.

The role of artists are the same, today it is even vorse than back 1905 ,as the demand for knowleage are higher and then you realy _must_ decide if you want to publish or not ; ------ as an artist you do not lose anything by not publishing. But with the discussion about moral and etics in this group, and the fact that this is the only craft where stealing is alloved, the only right attitude for an artist in these digital times shuld be, that if you realy got the attention and could change a life where buying materials and equipment are a major problem, then you would end up fat and lazy ; your inspiration will fail and being able to buy better food , your good looks will varnish ; then it is better to stay slim and in good health work with beauty and visions.
Anyway you nice people allready told me, that in 20 years my visions will fullfill anyway.
True role of autodidact artists ?

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