Message - Re: Has Society In General Become Anti-social?

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Posted by  Per Corell on April 04, 2003 at 11:22:24:

In Reply to:  Re: Has Society In General Become Anti-social? posted by Samir Fayaz Shaikh on April 04, 2003 at 10:31:50:

Now interms of providing new digital building methods, I guess the state must be simular some terms, still providing the framework for the future, shuldn't be that difficult, save time and money going digital is not that bad an option, concerning building structures.
I tried doing my homework and showed how block oriented shuld provide just what you expect ,do the thing in a modern building and the thing turn from 3D drawings on a screen into cut steel sheets , low in numbers as you ask and strong as hell.
If this is what you want ;))
My obsession about WTC status reflect somthing I belive that with the true vision about this, the world could even profit from new technologies, ------- living in Dk is no different than most urban interiours, not much dessert around here, and if any one would quickly varnish , why is it when peace process in middle east go better, somone get angry and blast a few bombs.
Peace in palestine are first priority for one living in Dk. ------- still what need a free designer do, except promote a fancy method that work well.
Trust your eyes truth is evident.
So with my obsession towerds WTC build around the underground structures said to have been in B. before and proberly after bombing, would lead me to say, that 3D-H will provide a structure with the most efficient rebuilding factor 3D-H perform whatever;))
Do not misread this attitude, but providing groath and education, was not either the idear, about sharing common thoughts then things get personal and you must know that WW2 for generations rest on peoples mind, is this a war won?
The direct link to production is maby not important unless it provide better then why don't you jokers do water flusable steel towers, germans allway's facinated me as a lo5 share a guilt that is as well irelevant as mine still yet you Romans don't want the perfection of craft's ; Bagdad ministerie of somthing, proberly be as relevant testbench as any other great building project, ----- was this ever a trouble for even an artist nomatter how good or bad, then why must this be the problem of a designer, I can only provide the material ,the method for acturly producing a true building skelleton cut at robbery cost at any steel cutting service providing digital cutting in steel sheet, a Designer can not provide the mean ,peace as this is what it is about.
That you make in palestine --- sorry if you think the graphic are to complicated, it's there and could be produced, this is 3D-H ,

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