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Posted by  bricklyne on April 17, 2003 at 19:30:17:

In Reply to:  Because they don't want to posted by Rog the Dodge on April 17, 2003 at 15:04:14:

I must have been seriously distracted somewhere along the tirade of Rog the Dodge because I am still seriously trying to figure out what point you are making. First off, I am not American nor British nor from any Western country. Consequently I'm not here to make some patriotic speech for Uncle Sam or anything of that sort. It just bugs me when people all over a sudden think it is a good idea or the noble thing to do, to use the 'innocent Iraqi children and people' as a means of vented misguided and not-very-well-thought-out arguments against Bush and Blair. All because of some silly little grudge over a botched election (which by the way was proven over and again by separate sections of media under independentantly-sanction recounts, to have been won by Bush, no matter what standards were used to count those hanging or pregnant chads - so let it go already!!!) I don't agree at all with Bush's reasons for invading Iraq as he states them nor the integrity of the arguments (read OIL), but they are legitimate to varying degrees. Sadam was a despot who had to go ( at least we agree on that much). He was developing or at leaast had shown the propensity to use WMD even against his own people ( the Kurds in the North in 1989). The retrieval of Abu Abbas proves that he not only gave safe habour to terrorists but he was also known to have rewarded families of suicide bombers in Isreal with money. If these were not reasons to remove a man who was even hated in the normally insular Arab world and who constantly thumbed his nose at the U.N. and their 'sanctions', or even for the mere sake of his people who were living under constant fear, then I really don't know what was.
And then he goes into this tirade about Israel in illegally occupied territories. HELLO??!!! how did they get there in the first place? After they pushed back the advancing Arabic armies who were set on extricating them from the face of the earth. So let me get this straight, you try to come and kill me, and when you fail miserably and not only get your ass kicked all over the place and lose you coat and the club you came to kill me with, I'm supposed to return them to you on a silver platter like nothing happened. So that what? You can use them to try and kill me again? That's the reason Israel is still on those lands - because even today there's more than just a few people in the Arab world who would like to see them wiped of the face of the middle East. Selective memory is such a comfort. And there's absoltely nothing, nothing in this world, wrong or illegal about defending one's self against extermination. It's the most basic law of nature.
As for the U.N. sanctions against Iraq, we all conveniently seem to forget who was in power in the White House all those years when the innocent iraqi children were starving. No massive protests in the major capitals of the world then yet more children and people died in those 9 years than have died in this war. Yet the funny thing is that this war, as tragic as it was for some, has achieved what the U.N. futilely skirted around for almost a decade.

You'll have to forgive me, for not comprehending the benefit of keeping around a proven dictator and warmonger under the leash of weapon's inspectors and drawn out economic sanctions while his people suffer under the brutality of his secret police, torture methods and general oppressive regime. Because that seems to be the only thing that you seem to be advocating in your protest against the war. Get this straight, without the war option, the only way Saddam was going to leave power in Iraq was in a casket. And then you'd have Uday who's of course only worse than his father in terms of cruelty. But what the hey? right?

There's nothing worse than people who use other innocent people as a means of flaunting their supposed moral high ground and sanctimonious attitudes. If you're not really interested in seeing the Iraqi people live free of oppression then don't use them as a reason to attack Bush, or Blair or Isreal or simply to vent your frustrations. It's a far greater insult to them when you do.

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