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Posted by  Per Corell on April 18, 2003 at 04:23:12:

In Reply to:  Because they don't want to - er....rrrrrrright posted by bricklyne on April 17, 2003 at 19:30:17:

Now what is the most depressing about the whole issue is that the focus in now Syria where the peace process in Palestine shuld be the main efford.
Without a fast moving peace process things will end up in just an even more complicated situation and while the american attitude towerds Arab culture alway's been quite arogant , what can grow from this conflict _could_ be even vorse than how we seen things unfold since the last Israeli Arab war.
Now please understand that I am glad that the language in this contry is not either german or russian, and the intire world know the role USA have taken on itself appriciated more than what Bush think he shuld tell the local voters in Texas , ------- but if you think this war is over and won, you shuld rather go in detail and ask why a lot of people don't trust the intentions ; known facts like supporting Dictators and supporting regimes that is fighting democratic rule is what made the world suspisious ,and being positive to U.s. intentions _is_ difficult , when your oppoments can point to historic facts, where the role of U.s. is far from that of what you are told in Texas.
Now it was not difficult to point to weapons of mass destruction, as it is not difficult to emagine an intire region where each house carry a mashin gun. But why don't this fact occour in the debate justifying the war ; the fact that in the intire region the weapon for mass destruction is everywhere ---- or is this to much of a domestic issue --- is the huge amounts of small arms not the true "weapons of mass destruction" , and is the reson that U.s. don't focus on this issue ,that this wouldn't make voters happy.
An intire region plastered with all sorts of weapons, ----- then how did Saddam make money if he wasn't alloved to sell oil.
Anyway in this context this war is easy to understand, as if the goal is peace in palestine the merchants of war is the true enemy ; that enemy who have an interest in providing terror to sell more small arms ; how much more small arms sale did the WTC and Pentagon terror provide ? Who profit from the conflict and why is it that when the intire world want the new technologies that no one even thought about protecting the museums in Bagdad.
-------- There are a lot of repair to maneage, but you can't do that without a clue.

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