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Posted by  VF on April 25, 2003 at 06:40:57:

In Reply to:  Re: Because they don't want to - er....rrrrrrright posted by Rog the Dodge on April 20, 2003 at 13:26:02:

excelent points...

so now that the terrorists in the Kurdish controlled north made it into
Iran and the suspected WMD's are in Syria as they Claim or maybe
to Osama and the boys did we Really protect the US and was
Saddam a threat to US ?? That's OK we made the area better for
our interests and will control the mid east and have a great time
rebuilding what we destroyed a 2nd time with Iraqie oil paying US
to rebuild it. The looting should help the US economy since
Everything will have to be replaced, Good reason not to stop it but
there there weren't enough troops Though there were Enough to
fight the war though it was stalled for lack of troops to protect the
convoy and the Iraqies Didn't welcome the conquers.

The looting wasn't expected but, Let them have some Fun... They
were oppressed for SO long and our inaction in 91' and not wanting
to do whet we did This time and destabilize the region got a Lot
killed but Hey, the Republican Guard kiiled them so We can also.
It's Hunting season and so what if there is colateral damage. Not
every bomb has the same IQ and some things we just wanted to
rebuild. Didn't like the style. Need modern western architecture.
My telecom stocks should do pretty good and get a few contracts.

It is funny how the admin changes their tune when something
happens that they didn't plan for and then says it was expected
because it Always does in a similar situation so that means The
Plan was flawed BUT it was a GOOD Plan...... The intelligence was
SO wrong but they made up for it so some people are happy..

Good thing the oil ministry was protected but banks aren't
important...Those people didn't have money, did they ? What
the heck, we'll give them 100K$ each..we'll just cut our taxes
to pay for it...and we''ll cut their taxes also.

Real shame the museums got looted. Heard a piece before
the war by an archiologist and he said there are pieces that
go back 500K years and they were in contact with the
pentagon to make sure they knew what was valuable and
the pentagon and a Longer list. Guess the museums were
only not to be bombed. Had to save the pieces so they could
go to collectors. But Hey, That was OLD Stuff. they need

It will be interesting to see what type ballots they use there.
Could it be that the elections will be rigged so those insane
islamic fundamentalits don't get in and our christian ones do?
I heard the communists are pretty strong there and if it was
free what if the Baath's got voted in. But NOOOOO. We
don't want That kind of frredom. We want Our Plan. No Islam
and wemen have to be in it.. Just like Here...Some of that
good ol' w Texas freedom.

well, the lead chemical scientist didn't tell us were to find any
chems or their precursors. I Loved the terrorist camp with
the bold english print on the bottles of chems that said, Serin,
VX, etc and the unilateral reporter said they had Old socks
as stoppers.. LOL..guess those terrorists didn't flee but
died from the toxins.. This war would be Really funny if it
wasn't SO sad. Didn't see any of Saddams terrorist buddies
pull any stunts in the US or Britton. Must have scared the
pants off them or are our borders protected now. Guess the
FBI, CIA, Customs, and police are finally talking to each other
and have the whole country taped with plastic. It was funny
that most city councils Even in NYC were against the war.
Maybe because the fed hasn't paid what was promised
for homeland security and the terrible economy has made
them all broke so that means another tax cut I guess. Matter of
fact I think if the govt Gives everyone money That will reduce
the defict..won't it ? more taxes..


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