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Posted by  Eugene J.Pentz on April 29, 2003 at 11:38:54:

In Reply to:  Re: why can't anyone stop this insanity?????? posted by steveA on April 17, 2003 at 10:48:19:

What US Citizens must know.
'Madness of evil', dominating your wonderful land, gone as far as staging destruction, killing thousands of your people in the process, while crying wolf (friendly fire 9/11) to the public in US and around the Globe to gain sympathy and to justify the forthcoming 'evil aggression' using your loved ones, causing tremendous physical and emotional suffering and chaos to millions of innocent people for generations to come. ( ABLE ( magazine), 9/11, Volume One, No:1 The Twin Towers... Son of Tonkin... Great Grandson of the 'USS Main' ) This issue of Able magazine is available by request-send E-mail to order.

Please forward this e-mail to your Loved ones, Relatives, Friends, News media, your MP and as many political levels around the Globe as possible. ( Acknowledgment of this E-mail appreciated )

To all Concerned Citizens of Humanity Thumb's up to those who are voicing their opinion for Global peace and disarmament. Special thanks to the Actors & Actresses, the Dixie Chicks, Everyone be blessed with courage.

The program of 20/20 aired an the 14/3/03 in focus the three military prisoners in Iraq, I'm absolutely disgusted with the 20/20's input concerning the issues of the overall crises the world is facing today.

I'm an Eastern European immigrant, I have witnessed ruthless rulers depressing millions under the watchful eye of the mighty empire, so-called "Western Democracy", while the backdoor pipelines drained my country's wealth to the West, soaked in sweat by slavery. The same time the " free world's" propaganda machinery against communism was in in full swing for decades. The adversary media behind the iron curtain dominated the dally life of over 300 million people against the West. A perfect excuse for both sides of the military industry to flourish , financed by a pack of evils the "democratic free world" bankers, including the invasion of Hungary in 1956. It took over 2000 lives.Took twenty billion and twenty years to repay the method of destruction and to rebuild the country.

What really changed for the last thirty or forty years ? The same pack convincing nations, and its leaders to go along voluntarily, by ignorant, or be forced by military action. The leaders of Iraq are no different from the leaders of countries who are financing, manufacturing and supplying military hardware. Anyone, who obtains military hardware of any kind is equally as evil.

The dictatorial America including the members of G-7 are enjoying the highest standard of leaving, provided by the windfall from the misery of billions round the world. Was it a reasonable effort put forward to establish a peaceful and enjoyable global community during the last thousand years ? Will it be an effort ever be successful for a change in this century or millennium if the corrupted news media round the globe is bowed in for such evils ? Nations blindfolded and raising into war against each other and they neighbors, mesmerized by the media's propaganda, establishing an uncertain future filed with hatred for generations to come.

The leaders (evil's puppets) of these countries are fully supporting and using the news media to brainwash their citizens. Committing a fatal mistake, while the same handful of evils already have their next, the most powerful puppets on the rise. What happening today is a precisely planned direction to close an other crime chapter in the book of history ( Perpetrating 9/11 was the beginning of the end of the American empire. So was the fate of Hitler's, in that moment by attacking Poland to start the second world war.) And there were the Russians, armed by millions, financed by the same pack of evils, (the free world bankers), also financed Hitler's presides military readiness, and US and its alliance decades before the second world war was eminent.

Nothing changed since the rise & fall of the great Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires / Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin who made Hitler look like a saint by executing several million of Russian solders following their return from Western Europe. (to silence what they witnessed). The crime against humanity and seeking for freedom have never changed, terrorist called as freedom fighters, and so on, depend which side of the fence the media's propaganda is coming from, broadcasting ongoing hatred to escalate the tension and animosity for further bloodsheds, providing evils with endless profit from the out spin of the vicious circle, becoming more powerful and more vicious by each victory. Again, the propaganda of the media is the tool for it's success.

Returning to the main reason of my e-mail, considering some of the facts and evidence which leaked out while years went by since the last war in Iraq, these three individuals should consider themselves one of the luckiest terrorist on this planet, taking into consideration the crime they and their comrades committed. Such and endless other crimes will follow from generation to generation, as less, we as a peace seeking and respectful Citizens of Humanity refuse to acknowledge and serve evil's call for its satanic acts. Over 460 woman and children burned a live while these so-called (heroes) bombed their shelter at the residential section of the city. ( God forgive those with such horrendous crime while carrying they burden of nightmare for the rest of their lives ). At the other end of the spectrum, the leaders of Iraq sent their soldiers to the killing field, very well aware of the consequences. Thousands of their soldiers were buried a live while they leaders struck an agreement for repayment the cost of that war . The agreement, which is now expired, so did the flow of free oil. For nations like Iraq with the only wealth ( oil ) there is no alternative or compromise. Trade for goods for the benefit of the people, is not an option, it is a must.

The media has the power to stop such madness, bring such evils to their knee without military aggression, or any form of violence. Disarming nations is not the only answer for global peace , the only answer is to disarm the world most notorious producers of weapons of all kind, including weapons for 'mass destruction by the mighty USA ( Hiroshima & Nagasaki), the furious producer and exporter of military and biological weapons, endorsing fatal fret to our planet's peace and its habitats.

You may ask, how to change the course of such madness ? The answer is, "Where is a will, there is a way, One for All and All for One". The future is in your hand and under the media's fingertips. What ever happens from now on, the news media will greatly be responsible.

E. J. Pentz. For contact please read on:
PS: Keep up the fight for peace without violent, and without > "need for war" ( as it was implemented by the Canadian CTV news broadcasting on January 28/03). ( What happened to the Canadian peace keeping trademark & responsibilities ? )


To fully understand the motives of the wrath of evils, click on: and


"Women United For Peace"

On 28 of January 03, I signed and returned the petition to: Next day the same address has been rejected by the server, unable to send my letter to the underwriter,

This report relates to a message you sent with the following header fields:

Recipient address:
Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
Diagnostic code: smtp;550 unknown
Remote system: dns; (TCP||34348||25)


SHOULD WE WONDER WHY ? ( please read petition bellow)


"Women United For Peace"

This is a very bold move for these women and could actually deter the U.S.
from attacking Iraq.
Date: January 24, 2003 10:17 AM
Subject: 25 US Congresswomen

Today 25 Congresswomen in the US House of Representatives walked out -- &
refused to participate in the vote to give Bush war powers. They were led by
Barbara Bell of California & they took up residence on the White House lawn.
They say women can change the world. Here is a chance for us!
A nationwide effort to unite women for peace asks you, if you are so moved,
to send this out to as many women & women's groups as you can for
endorsement. If you are not part of a group/organization, you can sign as an
individual. If you feel so moved, please sign below, giving your name &/or
your organization's name & location. Then please CUT & PASTE THIS
MESSAGE INTO A NEW MESSAGE & forward to as many people as you know.

If you are the 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, etc., person, please also e-mail a
copy back to
"Women United For Peace"

As women embracing life & peace, we declare ourselves opposed to any
military action against Iraq. As women, we have been the victims of many
kinds of violence. We call on you, our Congress members, to oppose any
military action. We make this demand for our selves, our children, our
parents, our brothers, husbands, partners, and friends. We make this demand
because we understand that warfare creates endless cycles of violence,
destruction and death, impoverishing us spiritually and economically. We
make this demand because warfare destroys family life, throwing whole
communities into exile and turning children into orphans.

We make this demand because we cannot build happy lives on ground polluted
by violence.
We believe this is a defining moment in the life of our country. We will
either take our place in the family of actions as seekers of peace and
justice or we will start down a terrible road to war, unleashing the fury
of generations to come on our land. We call upon you to act with
integrity, to show courage and remember that you are guardians of the
public trust and of the world we leave to our children.We oppose this war. We oppose all
elected officials who support this. There is no other issue greater than the
cause of peace. No past stand or history can be called upon to overshadow
the imperative to stand today for peace.

We, as women acting to shape public life, dedicate our energy, and hopes to
those who establish peace. There will be no war in our names.

If you want our support & votes, stop this war!"

Signed by:
Women for the Earth, Nationwide


My family & I living in Canada, immigrated from Hungary 35 years ago. Ten years ago in 1993 we were struck by tragedy. Shortly after we were stunned to learn, that the very same sinful aggression was implemented against us and our family. This time by the Legal and Judiciary levels, destroying our family's unity and God given day by day purpose in our life. (For details please click on: ) The outcome of such distraction is equal with any ruthless war. The only different is that hardly anyone hears about. Such as this and countless other destructive events are censored, prohibited and refused to be publicized by the news media.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Rita Baghamian"
Today...I wish you a day of ordinary miracles-

Our orphaned granddaughters, Rebecca & Christina

Dear Friend

We are reaching out to you to share our sorrow, the sorrow which made us forget the every day little thinks what would make an ordinary day extraordinary. Nearly eleven years past us by, and ever since we can't remember one extraordinary day in our life.

The events which shattered our life it could happen to anyone, so it is extremely important to let all of your friends & family members know, and please ask them to do same. To understand the magnitude of our sorrow and disappointments in our heartless society please click on:"Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for giving us the opportunity to tell the true and uncensored version of our tragedy. There is nothing here which is covered up. We know that nothing will change our loss or the tremendous pain and suffering our family has been exposed to, and was inflicted senselessly by a corrupt legal and judicial dictatorship, ignored by all levels of the present political systems. By doing so, they gave their own silent approval. Our objective is, if we can save only one family or individual from such devastation, our efforts will be worthwhile"

You see,_ the saddest part of all,_99% of sorrow, pain & disappointment in our society & in our life caused by an other human being directly or indirectly. The ordinary miracle is hidden within all of us, but very few of us able to recognize such extraordinary gift throughout in life to recognize the gift to love, to care, and not to hurt others for any selfish reason it may seems justified.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our sorrow.

Eugene & Gabriella Pentz

Today...I wish you a day of ordinary miracles-

A fresh pot of coffee you didn't have to make yourself.
An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
Green stoplights on your way to work or shop.
I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in...
The fastest line at the grocery store.
A good sing along song on the radio.
Your keys right where you look.
I wish you a day of happiness and perfection-little bite-size pieces of perfection that give you the funny feeling that the
Lord is smiling on you, holding you so gently because you are someone special and rare.
I wish You a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy.
They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them.
Send this phrase to the people you'll never forget and remember to send it also to the person who sent it to you.
It's a short message to let them know that you'll never forget them.
If you don't send it to anyone, it means you're in too much of a hurry and that you've probably forgotten your friends.

Take the time!

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