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Posted by  Per Corell on May 17, 2003 at 11:48:54:

In Reply to:  Re: Architecture in the US posted by mehdi on May 17, 2003 at 08:03:19:

Now my problem according to this is that I know how limited the architects work proberly in U.s. to with all that steel.
New is better, ------ please exchouse my pony, -- it acturly bring just that promise of a bright future.
Arab culture is, Im'e told different in very simple way's , and I would never even try design a step in heaven if I did not know my own perception of a god.
Then sorry I act ignorant ,I just don't se the problem, in terms of religion proberly a lot different than most designers present ;))
My contribution to this list is from my point of view quite clear ; you can belive or not that I can do it all at a third the cost, still my aproach to the Arts and Craft's is not irelevant case box is out.
I argued a lot about the production asf. ,fact is that production over bid my promises.
Also then you have a better view about my handyworks , as this is for me even more difficult to envision ; do everything at a third ; --------- how how do you think realising how wierd the Romans pay the quest , be sure when it's there it don't work _bad_ enough , just like the old stuff ;))
I hate myself we don't allready have robots building on Mars, I hate knowing this simple thing make a lot better hullworks and can be produced one function robot by digital blueprint , -------- Now Romans don't even want to go there .
I live for my art ,it is no fancy trickwork but a plain obsession ; I know that deep down human kind is by nature good .
Please check my proposal about the methods for a new WTC , --------- this was my best shot, why havn't the choice of method the impression of style been mentioned as pointing to future ,did I get this wrong ; that it is of no importance, how WTC is projected as this don't reflect the Design ?
Arab architecture was allready full develobed and changed the world a few times allready , Geometrie arts everything proberly been develobed in perfection if you understand Arab architecture , --------- I point to my pony and challance the lame architects wherever in the world who think future will not be Digital , then describing what was here 30 years ago ; computerworks develobed from splines and math. on a screen , now you Romans think I am here for the fun of it ;))
Romans are smart ; don't want Arab architecture and Digital is to Hippie .
Now you can do everything at a third, four times as strong , Digital at your computer .

Then they don't want to build WTC from that, as that is to good or what ;))

Sorry about my joking, --------- but with some of this computer projecting ,it is somhow nice, to acturly construct these wonders , I am not architect but Designer.

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